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Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

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Governor Andrew Cuomo tells the Buffalo News he understands other regions are going to be upset over his $1 billion pledge to Buffalo. Spurned cities will just have to deal, he says:

“You look at newspapers today, and you’ll see I’m criticized by other parts of the state for focusing on Buffalo,” the governor responded.

“I say, ‘You’re right. I’m focusing on Buffalo because I believe Buffalo has a great need and I believe Buffalo’s needs have been ignored for a long time,” the governor added. “If this is unique attention for Buffalo, it’s because Buffalo has unique needs.”

Buffalo’s needs may not be so unique or even more dire. I pointed out Buffalo and Rochester’s urban problems are very similar. The Syracuse Post-Standard reports poverty rates are actually higher in Rochester and Syracuse:

In fact, estimates from the U.S. Census suggest that both Syracuse and Rochester have higher poverty rates than Buffalo.

The estimates, which combine three years of data from 2008 to 2010, show Buffalo’s poverty rate at 30.4 percent, Syracuse’s at 32.2 percent, and Rochester’s at 31.3 percent.

A less precise one-year snapshot of the cities taken by the Census in 2010 shows the same ranking — Syracuse first at 34 percent, Rochester second at 33.8 percent and Buffalo third at 30.2 percent.

District Attorney Sandra Doorley hired a staffer from the Democratic Party office – and her campaign manager – to be an administrator in her office. That looks a lot like patronage has arrived in the DA’s office. The hiring of Adam Bello comes after Doorley canned five prosecutors, saying she needed people who were “loyal” to her.

A city official is in hot water over his derelict properties, the Democrat and Chronicle reports. The city is figuring out what sort of disciplinary action to take. City Spokesman Gary Walker:

“Is it legal? Yes, because it happens all the time. Is it ethical? Not for a city employee.”

3 Responses to Cuomo to the Rest of Us: Just Deal

  1. Where is Duffy? Another example of him doing NOTHING for the Rochester area. Hes a waste..just like everyone else in Albany!

  2. This may sound simplistic, but how much of this is because Buffalo has major league sports teams? Buffalo is often in the national spotlight because of this so if Buffalo looks good, then New York, and by extension Andrew Cuomo, look good.
    I’d be able to accept that sort of garbage to a degree if the money being passed around wasn’t so horribly unequal. The amounts aren’t even close, and Rochester gets the least, again. I do wonder what our Assemblymen and Senators are up to. Why are they not fighting for us more?

  3. A Cuomo aide pointed out that Buffalo was third nationally (behind Detroit and Cleveland) in poverty rates for cities with over 250,000 residents.

    Really!?!? Is that the standard we want to use now? There are only two cities in the state that meet that criteria.

    The next seven years of the Cuomo era (I’m figuring re-election is inevitable based on the way he looks out for Democratic strongholds) figure to be pretty lean for the rest of the state if that’s the way he’s going to operate.

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