Monthly Archives: October 2022

Cryptocurrency Changing South Africa’s Online Gambling

The growth of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin has transformed internet gambling, one of the world’s and South Africa’s most fastly growing and dynamic companies. Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a popular payment method for online gambling contractors and their consumers.     South African Cryptocurrency Adoption is Exploding According to recent reports, Africa has one of the […]

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Political Betting: Controversial Gamble?

Political bets are not nearly as young as is generally claimed. Gambling on political events can even be traced back to the 16th century in Italy. In the USA, too, political bets have had a long and strategic function within campaigns and election campaigns. The phenomenon, which mainly takes place on the Internet, is currently […]

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How Politics and Gambling Coincide?

Everyone knows that politics and gambling go hand in hand. If you check just about any news source, you’ll probably see a story on the latest betting odds of election candidates or some such scandal. It definitely seems strange how so many politicians are involved with betting and gambling at the same time. Relationship of […]

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