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In golf, futures bets will typically ask you to make a pick on who is going to win the individual event or tournament that would take place in the future, hence the name. Not only that, futures bet may refer to long-term bets that take into consideration collection of competitions in a given period of time.

A good example of long term future bets in golf is the one that is asking several major championships Tiger Woods would win in the year. The result that Las Vegas feels would be the number of championships won would be the choice with worst odds. As you move away from that figure, the odds is going to increase into your favor as the odds of winning your wager would decrease.

Prop Bets in Golf

Then again, there are the prop bets.

This is not just an entertaining way in watching golf tournaments but also, they are regarded as profitable in some situations.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the best bets that any punter would make.

All about Fun and Entertainment Value

More so if you are someone who is looking forward to have some fun without having to worry about which player is going to win the tourney.