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Similar to half-time or quarter bets in any major sport events, golf lets you make bets on who is going to lead the field after every round of a given tournament. As a matter of fact, the most popular type of bets is first round bet. However, many of the sportsbooks will be offering odds on who’ll lead after every single round that take place.

Why is it Advantageous?

These kinds of bets will give casual golf fans who don’t have the time watching the whole tournament a chance of making bets on just one round.

Apart from that, these bets are pretty helpful among those who don’t want their bankroll be tied for long period of time.

After all, we know that some major competitions could take several days to conclude. Not everyone likes waiting for almost a week for their bet to settle and this is where the individual round bets become so handy.

Hedging Your Bets

Then again, there are several bettors who prefer using individual round bets as a way to hedge their “to win” bets. To give you an example, if you have made bets on Phil Mickelson to win 2020 Masters at his present odds of 40/1 and lead the tournament after 3 rounds, then a smart decision to take is hedging bets on players who are closest to him for 4th and last round. This will likely cover all scenarios who would win the last leg of the tournament and get high payday.