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A very popular way when it comes to betting on golf tournaments is called “to win bets”. This happens even on the simplest golf bet anyone makes. For such people who make these bets, it is important to choose which golfer you think would win in first leg of the tournament. Generally, the sportsbook will be offering moneyline odds on every golfer based on their odds of winning.

In the event that you have chosen 2nd place in the event, then you don’t get consolation prize simply for getting too close on it.

Calculating Your Potential Earning

In many sportsbooks, Tiger Woods presently has +1000 odds or 10/1 probability to come up victorious in The Masters 2020. But the favorite to win by fans is Brooks Koepka who currently stands at +800 odds or 8/1. If you have decided to bet 100 dollars on who’ll win the event, then it means that you are going to get 800 dollars in return, assuming you’ve chosen Koepka and won. However, you will win $1000 for the same amount if for example that you have wagered on Woods and won.

Making the Right Decision

One of the perks of making “to win bets” is that, the payout can be huge if you think that the underdog has good odds of winning.