Monthly Archives: March 2021

The Inevitable Effects of COVID-19 on the Online Casino Industry

  Since sociologists and economists proceed to produce forecasts for a lifetime following the COVID-19 outbreak, the middle income is faced with all the unexpected financial struggles which the new disorder has attracted. And the weaker the nation, the more debilitating that the impacts for that middle income.   Now the outbreak has tied people’s […]

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Profits and Risk of Addiction

What does the State Treaty on Gambling say? The State Treaty on Gaming contains one of the last state monopolies. With the exception of horse betting, games of chance may only be offered by the 16 state lottery companies. This includes casinos and the state sports betting company Oddset. The contract has existed since 2008. […]

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Who can offer games of chance?

Games of chance are games in which the outcome is mainly determined by chance. And where you have to wager money to be able to play. The offer is huge – whether in the casino, in the tobacco shop, in the betting shop or on the Internet like 인싸포커. But be careful: many offers are illegal! […]

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