Sticking to arbitrage betting as a long-term career can be done legally. Despite the fact that there are tons of profitable opportunity for arbitrage betting arising every day, it is something that should not be done in rush. To succeed, it requires big budget, considerable amount of time, tough discipline and the commitment to identify each opportunity that presents itself.

Sure to do it for Long-Term?

Even if you’re among the selected people on Earth who has superlative skills in doing arbitrage betting in long-term, still you would bump into some challenges similar to being banned among different sportsbooks or having your account to be closed.

Between the two, the former is the worst among long-term prospects since you’ll definitely miss a lot of wonderful opportunities to do your arbitrage bet.

Got Money?

Yet another known reason why it’s difficult to execute an arbitrage bet with repeated success for long-term is that, bookmakers will constantly monitor players who deposit big sum of money and bet everything at once. This is a tough act to be since if you do not bet big every time, the return that you’ll make will be somewhere in the range of 2 to 4 percent.