2012 04 03 The Anti Brizard

Among the many reasons why Las Vegas casinos want to have a slice of the eSports action and construct the Hyper X Arena is thinking that betting on this platform will turn out to be the most sought after betting markets worldwide.

Also, they have figured out that hosting eSports tournaments is a great way of generating more bets to come in for those competitions.

Too Early to Decide its Future

On the other hand, the betting industry in eSports hasn’t taken off yet as there are some who have expected it to be. One of the reasons why this happens is because of the reason that a lot of eSports are still underage for legal betting.

Majority of the experienced video game players in different parts of the world are actually under 25 years old. Thus, it makes sense that eSports fan base is still young.

But this also means that in the next 5 years or decade, the betting market for eSport would tremendously grow as fans get older and bet legally.

It’s a New Market and that’s Good

As a matter of fact, one of the advantages of eSport betting is that, it’s a new market than other major sports. What this mean is, odd makers don’t have a firm hold of what the outcome is going to be compared to other major sports.