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There are plenty of eSports events to bet on. It is not really a surprise for there are many different game variations that are considered to be eSport. Whenever major events take place, you must easily find bets over the web. This is regardless whether you want to bet on a particular match, on the outright winner and whatnot.

Game Titles to Bet on

In each and every eSport game, you’ll be given with plenty of major tournaments in a year. Some of the sought after games include Fortnite.

Believe it or not, they are actually hosting exciting and thrilling world championship events that offer millions of dollars in prize pool.

Then again, other extremely high-profile tournaments include Call of Duty that takes place in August, The International DOTA 2 Championships which also take place in the same month as with Call of Duty, League of Legends in October, Capcom Cup in December and a lot more.

Almost Same with Traditional Sports with a Twist

While you are in the process of choosing your outright winner in large open tournaments for eSports similar to Fortnite World Championship, there’s an edge you can find if you are watching plenty of head-to-head games. Basically it is like reviewing and analyzing traditional sports but only in this case, you are doing it for video games.