The Political Reason Behind South Korea’s Rejection of Online Gambling

Despite South Korea’s enviable reputation of having the fastest Internet connection in the world, it has no intention of supporting the online gambling sector. Aside from the SoKor government’s determination to limit the gambling activities of its citizens, there is also a critical need to protect the country’s Internet infrastructure against North Korea’s cyber attacks […]

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Profits and Risk of Addiction

What does the State Treaty on Gambling say? The State Treaty on Gaming contains one of the last state monopolies. With the exception of horse betting, games of chance may only be offered by the 16 state lottery companies. This includes casinos and the state sports betting company Oddset. The contract has existed since 2008. […]

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Who can offer games of chance?

Games of chance are games in which the outcome is mainly determined by chance. And where you have to wager money to be able to play. The offer is huge – whether in the casino, in the tobacco shop, in the betting shop or on the Internet like 인싸포커. But be careful: many offers are illegal! […]

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Online gambling should be allowed

The federal states agree to approve offers such as poker and roulette on the Internet subject to certain conditions.   Gambling in Germany is about to change After lengthy negotiations, the federal states have agreed on an amendment to the law that will largely allow games of chance like situs judi bola terpercaya on the […]

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Online games in casino machines

An online casino inevitably includes the right games. There is currently a large selection of different areas that should be considered more closely when choosing. In addition to the classic table games, which appear again and again in the selection, casino machines have also made their triumphant advance. In the meantime, there is no longer […]

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