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Credit: City of Rochester


Rochesterians appear to like and trust their neighbors – to a point.

The U.S. Census recently came out with 2013 results of the American Community survey for the Rochester metro. There are 414,400 households in the region.

Here are some responses to questions:

Have you talked to your neighbors in the last month?

  • Yes: 82%

How many friends do you have in the neighborhood?

  • 1 to 2: 21%
  • 3 to 5: 24%
  • 6 to 9: 14%
  • 10 or more: 22%
  • None: 15%

Is your neighborhood close-knit?

  • Strongly Agree: 31%
  • Somewhat Agree: 40%

Do neighbors get along?

  • Strongly Agree: 49%
  • Somewhat Agree: 40%

Do you share the same values as your neighbors?

  • Strongly Agree: 34%
  • Somewhat Agree: 43%

Can your neighbors be trusted?

  • Strongly Agree: 34%
  • Somewhat Agree: 39%

Are your neighbors willing to help each other?

  • Strongly Agree: 48%
  • Somewhat Agree: 38%

Would your neighbors scold a disrespectful child?

  • Very Likely: 16%
  • Likely: 34%

Would your neighbors intervene if they witnessed a fight?

  • Very Likely: 48%
  • Likely: 32%

Would your neighbors intervene if a child wasn’t in school?

  • Very Likely: 21%
  • Likely: 34%

It appears most people feel pretty good about their neighbors. But the survey also makes it clear there are thousands of people in our community who do not.


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