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Here are my predictions for 2015. I have been running about 60 percent right in years past. Happy New Year, everyone!



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– Are NYPD officers engaged in a work slowdown?

– There have been headlines that police on-duty deaths are up. But historical numbers show that’s not true.

– Boston police release names of citizens driving drunk, but not officers.

– The state minimum wage is now $8.75.

– The state is giving money to urban districts to see if they can attract suburban students.

– Motor City is turning away from freeways.

– There are hospitals refusing to announce the first babies born in 2015, for fear they’ll be kidnapped. Abductions of New Year’s babies has never happened before, ever.

– Meet these ten awesome Rochesterians.

7 Responses to Ten Predictions for 2015

  1. Predictions…no, it won’t be Cheryl DiNolfo. Bill Reilich will nominate himself. It is the era of corrupt politicians. No matter what seems dishonest to the average person, politicians only look at payback to supporters and how to advance themselves. That is why your prediction of Adam McFadden to RHA director is a no-brainer. As for your prediction on the potential quiet year for Lovely Warren, I predict you are half right and half wrong. I predict there will continue to be gaffes and poor decisions by this administration, BUT, the decision to replace her communications director with someone from outside her circle ( and at this time outside her party ) will result in NO information about her thoughts or decisions being made public. So, these errors and missteps will continue, but the public won’t know. I agree with your prediction for Midtown. There will be no activity. It does not fit into the agenda of this administration. I predict we will see an assassination of a police officer in our area. Sadly, this city administration will continue to NOT support the efforts of law and order and promote the political correct notion that any attempt to arrest a minority is pure racism. ( I hope I am wrong ).

  2. December 31, 2014 at 2:35 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    attract suburban students to urban schools you would have to be using LSD to believe that will happen , But hey it sounds like a whole new program that will provide out of work educational consults with good jobs at good pay. and even though the work they will do will accomplish nothing. they can feel good about what THEY have accomplished.

    It is a comfort to me to know that we have so much excess tax revenues we can afford this. how about a tax cut for people that really work for a living.

  3. It would be wise to leave midtown parcel 5 undeveloped for now, because once midtown tower opens up and fills with residents. It would create the excitement needed to attract a project worthy of that parcel.

    After all the excitement over the opening of midtown was a reason why xerox built it’s tower downtown in the 1960’s.

  4. January 3, 2015 at 11:40 am Istvan Bathory responds:

    Most of your predictions seem to be on the money, except for it being a quieter year for the mayor.
    She and her inner circle at City Hall and David Gantt’s office will continue to do pretty much as they please since she IS the mayor and they are her nearest and dearest.
    That will change only when she is voted out of office in 2017.
    In the meantime, she will continue to behave like the Bourbon kings of France. She will forget nothing and learn nothing.

    Steve Bathory

  5. January 5, 2015 at 4:38 pm Louis Benjamin responds:

    Given that Mayor Warren has appointed the majority of the members of the RHA board I suggest that any appointment by that board of McFadden as permanent RHA director will rebound against Warren. For that reason I see your predictions of McFadden’s appointment and a quiet year for Warren as being mutually exclusive.

  6. The fix for Main and Clinton is to offer some sort of matching grant or tax abatement for rehab of those properties. With the axe of Ren Square hanging over that block, its no wonder the owners did the bare minimum to keep the properties functional. Would you rehab a building that was going to get eminent domain’d out from under you?

  7. January 10, 2015 at 1:43 pm Lincoln DeCoursey responds:

    I think the current round of development at Midtown and Sibley needs to show results before further serious investment will be proposed for that downtown district. I’m not worried if “Parcel 5” as you call it is planned this year or if it becomes a lawn, as long as the overall Midtown block becomes functional again. If the current phase successfully delivers the YP and empty-nester residential component that’s been promised, then I think the remainder will come, but I don’t think in 2015. D&C will probably be the last buildout of this wave.

    The northwest corner of Main and Clinton is the grittiest with its narrow storefronts and their overhead doors. I guess this must be what you’re talking about when you refer to a “Main & Clinton fix”? The wig shop, used cell phone shop, convenience store and hip-hop clothing store demonstrate a certain urban resilliency, but the N. Clinton-facing storefront is long-closed and even the padlocks are rusted over. Then there’s the massive, vacant office buildings just down Main Street creatively hidden over with giant photo prints.

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