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City of Rochester Communications Burear

City of Rochester Communications Burear

In pushing for more casinos in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo said gambling is already everywhere. As this map shows, the addition of three Upstate casinos makes a saturated market even more saturated.

So, you might not say, “This is a great time to open yet another casino!”

But that’s exactly what the Oneida Indian Nation is doing. The tribe, which runs Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, is now opening the “Yellow Brick Road Casino” just outside Syracuse.

Why? To strike back against the state’s selection of Tom Wilmot’s casino proposal for Tyre, Seneca County. The Syracuse Post-Standard reports:

The Oneidas’ Chittenango casino looks like their first counter-punch in what promises to be a high-stakes fight for gamblers’ dollars. At 67,000 square feet, it will be much smaller and less glitzy than Wilmot’s proposed resort or Turning Stone, but located closer to Syracuse.

The tribe denied this mini-casino is in direct response to Wilmot’s win. But it also said competition is a factor in all of its decisions.

This begs the question of whether and how the Seneca Nation of Indians will respond.

The Buffalo News reports the Senecas will lose $40 million a year to the Wilmot casino. The Buffalo News reports on a letter Seneca Nation president Barry Snyder sent to the state:

“The proposed Lago project does not seek to complement surrounding established economic factors, but rather aims to draw people away from economic centers like Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse and create a stand-alone silo,” Snyder wrote to the commission.

The proposal would “place our continued ability to provide the substantial economic benefits we have generated since opening our doors … in jeopardy,” Snyder added.

The Senecas have exclusive right to build casinos west of Route 14. To get back some of this market share lost to Wilmot, the Senecas may do what the Oneidas are doing – put a casino closer to Tyre.

That means we should look for the Senecas to pave their own “Yellow Brick Road” right to Rochester.


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2 Responses to Prediction: Senecas Look Again at Rochester

  1. December 21, 2014 at 12:18 pm Ernest Paviour responds:

    More rhetoric. Ferguson is the reality. The media incited the low information people to riot. The politicians supported the false information the media spread leaving out the truth and facts. This is what you get when politicians GIVE the poor a higher standard of living than those who work just for votes. It grows like a garden of weeds that goes unattended.

  2. December 31, 2014 at 6:43 am Dorothy Egan responds:

    It may come to pass that more Casinos will not create more jobs and business overall; it will instead take from the Casinos now open for business. and transfer business to different locations right along with property tax bases.

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