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Update: The New York Post reports state officials did not take into account updated snow totals from NWS. The Buffalo News appears to take a shot at TV stations over their forecasts.


When the Buffalo area is out of danger, there will be a lot of discussion about how local and state government prepared and reacted to this storm. Why wasn’t the Thruway closed earlier? Why wasn’t there a concrete plan to dig out? Why didn’t people understand the magnitude of what was about to happen? Despite the fact it would have been hard for anyone to wrap their heads around this much snow – and the dangers presented – these are still legitimate questions.

Governor Andrew Cuomo offered one theory. WGRZ reports:

Cuomo said the Weather Service did not indicate that the heavy snow bands would remain stationary and blast South Buffalo and the Southtowns with the incredible rate of snowfall.

Cuomo said that’s part of the reason why New York State is building its own linked weather forecasting system that will be superior to any other state system in the country.

“No one had an idea that it was gonna be that much snow that fast. Snow coming down at the rate of about five inches an hour. No one had an idea. The weather service was off. By the way, I said this in my state of the state last year we’re putting in our own weather detection system,” said Cuomo.

There might have been a communications failure. But this doesn’t seem to be a forecast failure. Meteorologists tweeted that the National Weather Service did predict this monster storm.




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5 Responses to Cuomo Angers Meteorologists

  1. November 23, 2014 at 1:42 pm John kistner responds:

    Stacey Pensgen warned humanity about this cataclysm well before it eventuated. If only we had listened.

  2. November 23, 2014 at 2:01 pm John Adams responds:

    So Gov Cuomo is building New York’s own weather detection system? Don’t we have something better to do with that money than replicate the National Weather Service, which, despite Cuomo’s comments, did a pretty good job forecasting this storm?

  3. Pingback: Cuomo the genius, PO's weathermen

  4. Cuomo needs disasters. He likes to appear to be the one who can solve a problem and be the savior. If he had listened to meteorologists, especially the local ones who understand lake effect, he would have acted sooner preparing for it instead of coming in later. But then, of course, he’d lose all those photo ops.

    He lost all of upstate in the last election. Now he has to make himself a public figure here with his daily news conferences from Buffalo showing that cares (yeah, right) about upstate (watch for these clips in his next re-election campaign).

    Spending the dollars he is talking about is foolish. The National Weather Service provided the data the local meteorologists used to spot-on predict the huge storm. If there is that kind of money available why not fix some bridges on State highways where federal money isn’t available??

    The state of our infrastructure is terrible. Repairing and rebuilding will create jobs, help the economy and save lives. Let’s fix what we have instead of building something new that is actually redundant, but sounds good when called “state of the art”.

  5. I think the illuminated buildings in Syracuse are pretty cool, it would be nice to see the jp morgan chase tower in rochester illuminated much more often instead of 4 times a year.

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