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Crowd gathers at Four Corners to hear bugler on Armistice Day, 1930

Crowd gathers at Four Corners to hear bugler on Armistice Day, 1930


On this Veterans Day, here’s a snapshot of the Rochester metropolitan area’s veteran population.

There are 62,832 veterans, down 9 percent from 2011.

– Gulf War II (2001 and later): 8 percent

– Gulf War I: 12 percent

– Vietnam: 36 percent

– Korean: 11 percent

– World War II: 9 percent

Many of our veterans are aging, with 28 percent over the age of 75.

Our veterans are financially more secure than non-veterans. They have a poverty rate of 7 percent, compared to 13 percent for non-veterans. They have a higher median income and lower unemployment rate.

One out of four veterans has a disability, compared to one out of seven for non-veterans.

The U.S. Census compiled facts about veterans nationally and did a separate breakout on their economic status.


Links of the Day:


– “Despite their sacrifices, and those of thousands more, all we have to show for it are two failed wars.

– Today is the 220th Anniversary celebration of the Canandaigua Treaty.

– New car sales are way up in Monroe County.

– The Mormon church revealed founder Joseph Smith had 40 wives, some of whom were very young or already married.

– The Asian population is growing in Monroe County.

– Bats are hackers! Mexican free-tailed bats will jam other bats’ bio-sonar to steal food.

– The Oatmeal: “Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I’m going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works.”

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