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Wedding at Maplewood Rose Garden

Wedding at Maplewood Rose Garden


If you think Rochester’s dating scene is terrible…

Maybe you’re a man?

The Pew Research Center did the math on the number of single men versus women in cities across the country. The group even figured out how many of these eligible singles are employed.

In Rochester, there are 118 single men aged 25 to 34 for every 100 single women. There are 85 single women for every 100 men. There are 50,710 single men and 42,932 single women. Sixty-eight percent of people in this age group are single.

If you’re a woman on the market, this sounds great! But wait. Pew found 78 percent of women want a guy who has a job. The pool of eligible men shrinks when you factor in employment. There are only 88 employed single men for every 100 women. The numbers look worse for men who value working women – only 67 employed women per 100 men.

In a previous blog post, I detailed how many Rochesterians of all age groups are single and how the percentage of single adults has gone up over time. If you think you need to move to find a mate, check out Pew’s interactive marriage market map.


Movie About Rochester’s Older Singles!



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– Three Afghanis held in Batavia say they’ll be killed if they return home.

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– Netflix could disrupt the movie theater business. Regal can’t stand it.

– Why don’t more U.S. women bike? Safety isn’t the top reason.


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Women's Foundation logoIn Monroe County, nearly half of single mothers with children under 18 live in poverty. The Women’s Foundation of the Genesee Valley funds programs to help women become economically self-sufficient. I’m the honorary chair of the group’s first annual 5k and walk on October 26. Please consider joining my team or making a donation. I would love to see you!

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