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Brookings Institution

Brookings Institution


Foreign students are important to the Rochester economy, new data from the Brookings Institution shows.

There were 6,782 international students at area colleges from 2008 to 2012, ranking Rochester 35th out of 118 metro areas. About half are here pursuing graduate degrees. Fewer than half are pursuing STEM-related fields, which is below the two-thirds national average. The top country of origin is China, followed by India, South Korea, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

The top destinations for for foreign students are Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, Hobart and William Smith, College at Brockport and SUNY Geneseo.

University of RochesterForeign students paid $242 million in tuition and $82 million in living costs. Only 23 percent end up finding jobs in Rochester, compared to 45 percent national average of students who stay in their college communities.  Rochester ranked 82nd in terms of retaining foreign students, perhaps a sign our job market is not strong.

Buffalo has twice as many foreign students, but that’s because of its proximity to Canada. More than five thousand of Buffalo’s foreign students are from Canada.

Brookings argues easing immigration would help build a skilled workforce and benefit local businesses. Foreign workers could also build bridges to new markets and help local economies.


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– Should Senator Gillibrand have to name her harassers?

– Ninety-five percent of Monroe County’s white children attend majority-white schools. See how we compare to other places in the country.

– In America, we don’t let 9-year-old girls play in parks with their moms. But fire an Uzi? No problem.

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13 Responses to Foreign Students Important

  1. August 29, 2014 at 4:01 pm Larry Kilbury responds:

    Yes, Senator Gillibrand should have to name her harassers. I’ve heard that her harassers are all liberal Democrats and that’s why she is protecting them. That makes sense because that is who she mostly hangs with.

  2. August 29, 2014 at 4:10 pm Larry Kilbury responds:

    Only in the “blue states” where people are afraid of guns would there a problem with a nine year old shooting a gun. From the days of the old west to the years of my childhood, nine year olds shooting guns was considered normal. That was before bicycle helmets, no sparklers on the fourth of July, and car seats for kids less than eight years of age. Liberal are goofy. This is a comment about the Uzi link.

    • August 30, 2014 at 7:22 am PJ Birkman responds:

      This “goofy liberal” (who is also a gun owner and a combat veteran) has no problem with a nine year old shooting a gun. Only a goofy right wing gun nut would think that believing that giving a 9 year old a fully automatic weapon might be a bad idea is the same as believing is the same as having a problem with children shooting.

  3. Should Senator Gillibrand name the people she says made comments to her? Well for one, it would give a little more credability to her accusations. I don’t trust or believe anything Senator Gillibrand says. For what purpose would she write a book making these statements? How do these comments effect the job of a US Senator? Is it not the responsibility of a US Senator to represent her districts interests regarding Federal policy? She appears to be concentrating on pushing an agenda that is strictly biased towards women issues. Are there not any men in her district? Now this latest effort to depict all men as insulting and sexist fools? What is the point? She better be ready to show proof.

  4. August 30, 2014 at 6:06 pm Orielly responds:

    Foreign students … ?
    95% take what they learned in the US back to their countries to compete with the USA. (look that stat up most end up living back in their home country)
    For every foreign student admitted to a USA college a USA student it REJECTED. Colleges like foreign students as “THEY” pay the full tuition. In almost all cases their country actually pays the bill.

    US colleges and universities should be brought up on treason for sharing / giving away THE USA’s intellectual property to foreign students especially those in grad schools working on US GOVT funded research. In a few years they use that gained knowledge to compete with the USA and the USA companies who help fund University research.

    Via their property and income tax free status all US Colleges are taxpayer funded and supported. The UR, for example, has received over a billion of taxpayer funded projects in the last few years, yet rejects US and ROCH area students while accepting (and marketing to) foreign students whose parents never supported the UR.

    Most logical and pro US citizens think US colleges are out of touch with most american’s sentiments as they cater and brag about their foreign students.

    And trust me, if all the Foreign students in local colleges were replaced with US citizens students, the economy of Rochester would not skip a beat.

    The education of foreign students is a leading cause of the USA losing its international leading ranking in so many areas.

    If you care about this country … time to rethink this issue and someone in the press should call out College presidents on this concept. We should educate our own FIRST, and protect our IP as a country.

  5. This “goofy liberal” got to shoot targets with a .22 rifle under strict supervision when he was ~10 years old. No problem with that type of introduction to guns for a young child. Giving a fully automatic weapon to someone who doesn’t have the upper body strength to handle it is simply stupid.

    RE: foreign students, Rachel do you have any idea what % of patents from U of R or RIT are filed by foreign students? I tried googling, no luck.

    And Orielly, many foreign students who study here for post-graduate work are fully funded by their home countries. They are not taking the place of an American student because there isn’t the funding for an extra spot – it’s only when a foreign student brings in all of their funding that that spot is created.

  6. “And Orielly, many foreign students who study here for post-graduate work are fully funded by their home countries. They are not taking the place of an American student because there isn’t the funding for an extra spot – it’s only when a foreign student brings in all of their funding that that spot is created.”

    Oh.. I am sure thats true in a few cases. They come with a research project. One maybe two.. and that’s likely how its “sold” to those that hear about it. But in many cases.. most cases, I doubt it thats is the norm.

    So If I get this right, If a foreign student can pay .. they can come to the UR ..(we will create a spot for them”} But if a USA kid or his family will pay the tuition THE UR won’t create a spot for them? Is that right? Really! Thats the justification?

    On the patents … accept a lot of foreign students and you get patents from them… funny how that works.
    The only true statistical comparison would be to eliminate all foreign students and over time see a dramatic decline in patents. That would say that foreign students are more creative, and in that case I would try and determine why that is so and then change our EDu system to promote more creativity.

    There are two fundamental issues here.
    1)Foreign students are important to the ROCH economy. — Eliminate all foreign students in Roch and replace them with USA students and the net effect on the ROCH economy is infinitesimal. There is a HUGE fake myth created by local colleges and promoted by “dumb” media, that Foreign students are important to our local economy. That is true ONLY if one assumes there is no USA student to replace them. And that is simply not true. There are, 1000s of USA kids that local schools reject while accepting Foreign students every year.
    2. That Education of Foreign students is good for the USA. In the majority of cases, its not. Its good for the school but bad for the USA.

    Think about a 4th generation local Kodak employee child. For 4 generations their family’s labor built Kodak, who in turn gave Billions to the UR. That Family paid local taxes for decades that also funded and supported the UR.

    Now their great grandchild gets rejected by the UR who accepts a student from CHINA instead, whose GPA is minutely higher. And that student will take back to China what they learned in most cases. (how anyone can compare the Education in Chinese schools with the EDu of Naples HS is beyond me.)

    USA colleges are not working in the best interest of this country, who funded them for 100s of years. Not all “diversity” is good.

  7. September 1, 2014 at 1:52 pm John Smith responds:

    Orielly, What about the US Students that study in foreign countries like China, India, or England. Wouldn’t closing our countries doors to their foreign students result in those countries eliminating study abroad opportunities for US Students ?

    If you want to be a growing world class city you need to attract and retain the best minds from around the WORLD and give them the opportunity to become a productive contributor of your economy to make up your population.

    Loyalty is great but too many of the employees that made up Eastman Kodak were generational employees that created resistance against the changes needed to compete in new markets. These generational employees were all ways threatened by the new guy, the outsider that didn’t have “yellow blood”, that had a new innovative way of doing things. As we saw… it didn’t work out for Kodak.

    The company may have not gone bankrupt if they were made up of a much more diverse workforce, that was open to new ideas and had a less risk adverse culture. Just like Kodak, the same thing can happen to Rochester if we don’t take advantage of our foreign talent.

    • @John Smith, I think Orielly’s point is that inbreeding keeps the blood pure… new ideas (or people) are not to be welcomed.

  8. New ideas aren’t created here because of inbreeding? Way cool and nice name call. Re.. Kodak, the digital camera was invented here by Kodak. A local engineer holds the patent as did Kodak. Kodak won in court when that patent was infringed. Rochester has led the country in Patents per population long before WW “diversity” was promoted.

    Our 300M people gene pool in the USA isn’t big enough? Accepting USA citizens who represent the most diverse “gene pool” in the world as it is, isn’t good enough? Why is it then that so many things were and are still invented here?

    I use Kodak as an example .. but it true for every company in this area that supports the UR. Xerox, Paychex, B/L, Wegmans, Wilmorite etc. Employees efforts contribute to build the wealth of those companies, they in turn fund local schools like the UR and RIT, as do the employees with their tax dollars.. and then area colleges reject Roch Kids and favor a student from CHINA? Who then leaves after they get educated to then compete with US? China will go to the moon in a few years, think they would get there with out USA educated engineers?

    SUNY Buffalo has the 10th largest international population of any school in the USA. The second largest “state” were UB GRADs live is CHINA. Is that the role of a top state school? Is that what NYS tax dollars should fund… students from China while they turn down NYS kids?

    In most cases the difference in GPA, class ranking and SAT’s is a few points at best. Does that really make a difference over all? Can you really fairly judge who’s smarter a student with a 4.0 from a China HS or one with a 4.0 from the USA?

    If you know anything on this issue you will know that one of the biggest issues facing the USA is the reverse-engineering done by China and others robbing the rights of USA patents and the companies and individuals wealth..not to mention the WEALTH of the USA.

    Foreign Schools will close out our Kids? Fine let them. A fair trade for sure. We have the best schools NOW by far and the demand for foreign students is to get EDUCATED here. The USA kids go to foreign schools for the “experience”.

    IF we keep on educating foreign students like we do today, at the rate we do, ..we also will lose our Colleges WW advantage over time, as they take what they learned back to their country’s schools and elevate the education offered in their country.

    This is a money issue for Colleges, masked in the name of diversity. Go to any college and you will see the diversity ends in the classroom. Few intermingle with the rest of the student body, they stay in like groups, you can see it in any college cafeteria. And colleges promote this by allowing China, India, Black etc student Unions. These groups don’t promote diversity but rather separation. A white or American student union of course would be racist. Funny how that works.

  9. September 24, 2014 at 3:00 pm Kevin Yost responds:

    Why can’t they go to college in their own countries.

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