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LPGACarl Falk and Jeff DiVeronica relaunched their sports talk show on 1280 WHTK. It airs Saturdays at noon. (Full disclosure: I consider them both friends.)

Falk shared an interesting idea during Saturday’s show. He says people shouldn’t spend one dime at the LPGA when it comes to town in August for its farewell tournament in Rochester. The LPGA is moving the Rochester event downstate, where it can make more money from sponsorships and television rights.

“Will (fans) support the tournament as well as we do here in Rochester? Absolutely not,” said Falk. “I for one am very upset with the LPGA for pulling the rug out from under our feet and moving the tournament. We’ve supported it better than any other city.”

Here’s what Falk suggests.

“If you haven’t bought your ticket, don’t buy a ticket, give that money to Camp Good Days. Send that to the charities. Watch it on TV, because the LPGA doesn’t deserve our support. The charities do. The volunteers do. But the LPGA? They don’t deserve us.”

Falk, who also owns a restaurant, had this to say about the LPGA’s customer service.

“You don’t lose a good customer to attract a better one. You keep a good customer and add a better one,” said Falk, who compared the LPGA to a woman telling her boyfriend she’s moving in with another guy who has a better house, but saying she’ll come back sometime. “Don’t worry, I’ve changed the locks.”

It’s kind of like what would happen if the Bills move to Toronto. The team automatically loses a fan base. Or maybe not? The LPGA took a gamble. Falk appears to be the first person to call the LPGA out publicly and say it’s not okay to take us for granted.

(Listen to podcast here. The LPGA discussion is about 40 minutes in.)


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-The judiciary in Monroe County is a “sea of white.”

– Buffalo and Rochester have increased their share of jobs filled by millennials. (Also, see blog post I wrote on this topic.)

– I don’t think Erica Bryant should have asked this of suburban school superintendents, who do not have a say. But in doing so, she’s posing the question to the rest of us.

– It’s amazing to me that West Seneca is entertaining this proposal without first seeing what happens with Medley Centre in Irondequoit.

– Marijuana may be legal in two states, but elsewhere, people are still getting arrested on serious marijuana-related charges and the feds are still spending a lot of money fighting the war on weed.

– Do you like a good story? Read this one on a new firefighter’s wait for his first fire.

– A German stadium allows people to bring their couch onto the field to take in World Cup games.


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9 Responses to See Ya, LPGA

  1. I agree with Falk, and your analysis… the LPGA took a giant gamble. Rochester may not be a big market, but there aren’t a lot of cities that support women’s sports (primarily golf and soccer) to the same level.

  2. The LPGA says they needed to make the change in order to get better exposure. Yet this is the same pro golf tour that has inserted nine separate two-week breaks into its schedule this season because, unlike the three U.S. men’s tours, they don’t have enough sponsors to play every week. They need to start the season six weeks later and end it six weeks sooner.

    Getting two extra weekend rounds a year on network TV isn’t going to solve their problem. I haven’t seen the overnights for their US Open final round yesterday, won by one of the big names on their tour (Michelle Wie), but I’ll bet they were horrible even on a day when there was so little going on and the US soccer game didn’t start until 6 p.m.

  3. David Andreatta has been writing columns for the D&C for less than a month and has already hit home runs with his takes on David Gantt and the Medley Centre.

    I’d rather read his work than columns built upon a faulty premise.

  4. June 23, 2014 at 11:14 am theodore kumlander responds:

    The LPGA is for the wealthy. I am surprised it is moving because there are a lot of wealthy golfers in Rochester.

    There is a good reason why people have to send their children to the schools in their own town or neighborhood. It builds a sense of community and the parents and students have something in common.

    the RCSD has very good elementary schools. it is the neighborhoods that hey are in that are bad.

  5. June 23, 2014 at 12:25 pm Orielly responds:

    Falk is correct. Furthermore, various LPGA members put down the Locust Hill course, a club that gave the LPGA their course and clubhouse for 37years.

    The event and our support made us look small town. The women golfers who hardly get any recognition when they play in other cities are/where idolized and treated like big celebrities here. And still their organization turned their back on this city after 37yrs.

    Nope clearly time to move on and away from the LPGA.

  6. June 25, 2014 at 2:31 pm Kevin Yost responds:

    Why not just enjoy the LPGA here while it is still here? The same with the women’s golf lunch on August 12. Remember too that our area also had NBA and NFL teams and stops for NASCAR and the Professional Bowler’s Association. I admit that I made a mistake as a 10-year-old of turning down my parents’ suggestion to take me to Roseland Amusement Park in their last year of operation that year because I was made they were getting rid of it. Let’s not make the same childish mistake with the Rochester LPGA. It could come back here again.

  7. I will join in the effort to NOT purchase anything to do with the LPGA. This tournament was well received by the people of Rochester for years. The players were idolized here. Obviously, it was a one-sided love affair. How sad.

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