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The U.S. Census is out with a fascinating mapping tool showing migration patterns across the U.S.

About 16.8 million people moved to a different county between 2007 and 2011. 

What do the patterns show about Monroe County? If it wasn’t for immigrants, we’d have lost population. We lost 4,528 people to other states, but gained 5,078 immigrants.

Monroe County had the most net gain of residents from the following counties:

1. Kings County, N.Y. (Brooklyn): 492

2. Bronx County, N.Y.: 296

3. Richmond County, N.Y. (Staten Island): 242

4. Lehigh County, Penn.: 220

5. Madison County, N.Y.: 217

6. Oakland County, Mich. (Pontiac): 211

7. Onondaga County, N.Y.: 204

8. Marin County, Calif. (near San Francisco): 193

9. Orange County, Fla. (Orlando): 182

10. Erie County, N.Y.: 179

We also gained residents from Baltimore, Atlanta and El Paso. For some reason we gained 140 residents from Alaska.

Here are the counties that saw a net gain of Monroe County residents:

1. New York County, N.Y. (Manhattan): 402

2. Bristol County, Mass.: 385

3. Chautauqua County, N.Y.: 375

4. Nassau County, N.Y.: 367

5. Ontario County, N.Y.: 340

6. Mecklenberg County, N.C. (Charlotte): 333

7. Tompkins County, N.Y. (Ithaca): 327

8. Clark County, Nev. (Las Vegas): 242

9. Maricopa County, Ariz. (Phoenix):  230

10. King County, Wash. (Seattle): 213

I think what struck me the most is we’re not seeing the rush to the south that I thought we would see. Instead, we’re seeing a lot of movement within New York State. I think it’s important for state government to look at the in-state migration patterns as it considers economic development. Are we helping some areas at the expense of others? Why are some areas attracting people and others are not?


8 Responses to Where We Move

  1. February 7, 2014 at 12:02 pm Peter Farrell responds:

    We have been led to believe that many folks migrating to NYS are coming for the state welfare benefits. Can that be seen or inferred from any census data?

  2. February 7, 2014 at 12:23 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    I moved to Ontario county from Monroe county because tax’s were much lower crime rates were much lower , and Bristol Mountain is awesome.

  3. 193 from Marin County CA ? Did the Grateful Dead move to Rochester?

  4. February 7, 2014 at 5:50 pm Sarah J responds:

    Marin County makes sense. Say you bought some cruddy house there 30-35 years ago for $145,000 and you sold in 2012/13 for $1.2 million plus. You really want a laid back, easy to get around, sort of rural kind of town so you find Rachacha. Spend just a quarter of your real estate windfall and you have a darn nice house here, Finger Lakes adjacent. Not as good for those of us who bought homes in Rochester 30 years ago. Ours has finally doubled in value and we bought 22 years ago. When we sell, we can’t move anywhere. Except Pittsburgh. Which we might.

    • True. We’re in a real estate bubble here. Prices don’t appreciate like in other areas, but we also didn’t get hurt as much in the crash as they did.

      If only our property taxes were in line with theirs. Our real estate taxes are multiples above the rest of the country for similar homes.

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