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4b51f4aa-f527-4184-b647-0a3fb726dc8cThe New York Times says Lovely Warren is part of a new wave of progressive mayors who want to address inequality:

Lovely A. Warren won election as mayor of Rochester last month with a campaign lamenting what she called the “two Rochesters,” challenged by crime and poverty, but also boasting prosperous neighborhoods.

onecityWhile the attention to this issue is extremely welcome, Warren won’t be the first mayor to talk about “two Rochesters.” Bob Duffy’s inauguration speech discussed the importance of creating “One City.” In fact, “One City” was incorporated into city marketing materials.

Here is an excerpt from Duffy’s 2006 speech, in which he talked about poverty and crime plaguing poor neighborhoods:

We are a community of great wealth and great poverty. Our future success depends on our ability to connect our great assets with our greatest needs. We are two cities today. In the future, we have to work and commit to be one. One city.

Hope – Unity – and Commitment

This city is my responsibility. It is your responsibility as well.

Duffy wanted to unite the “two Rochesters,” rich and poor, city and suburbs. Warren’s approach has been a bit more divisive. Her campaign said the city wasn’t doing enough for one Rochester, and doing too much for the other.

(Bill Johnson, Bob Duffy and Tom Richards all spent considerable tax dollars on housing, street maintenance and services in poor communities. It will be interesting to see how Warren’s approach differs.)

Duffy and Warren both pointed out the differences between the “two Rochesters.” But Warren issued a loud battle cry – and it was heard by voters.


Links of the Day:


There is a huge shortage of mental health professionals in the United States.

– A Syracuse hospital is greatly expanding its methadone clinic because of heroin and painkiller abuse.

– At what point are the giveaways to corporations so great the economic benefits of having them in your town are erased? See Lockport’s deal with Yahoo.

– Good for Atlanta’s mayor for refusing to subsidize a sports team’s stadium with dubious promises of economic development in return.

– Recreational pot will be legal in Colorado on January 1. The law is fascinating.

– “Medical abuse” prompted a Boston hospital to get custody of a girl – and keep her locked up for 10 months. Hard to believe so many people could fail this child.

– A “cookie lady” gets shut down and no one knows why. She suspects it has nothing to do with kid allergies.

– People getting Rochester logo tattoos. It’s a thing.

– Vanessa Williams approached a guy in a Sabres jersey during a trip to Egypt. She and the Buffalo man are now dating.

8 Responses to One City, Two Rochesters

  1. My thoughts…..Poverty is BIG business. That is why it has never improved. The Democratic Party promises free everything. To that end, they continue to get elected. Being in power, they can then priovide government jobs for their family, friends and party faithful. The public employee unions will continue to support the Democratic candidates as this means jobs for those in the social welfare trade. I am curious as to what she means by bringing the two cities together. Creating less poor means less jobs for her supporters in the social welfare trade.If she has less crime, this means less jobs for the police departments, less jobs for the DA’s office , less jobs for the public defenders office, and on and on. If there isn’t a sense of us vs them, Lovely Warren and anybody else who preaches us vs them, will never get elected or have an opportunity to enrich themselves. They know that. For Lovely Warren to bring the two cities together in real economic fashion, she would essentially be setting herself and her party up for defeat. Once people get self sufficient, they will vote to keep their standard of living and there hard earned money. They will NOT vote for the Democratic Party platform. That is unless her plan to bring the two cities together is to increase taxes and fees on the self sufficient to give to the dependent residents of her city. Let’s watch…..

  2. Relative to Lockport, it’s the “winner’s curse.” At an auction, the winner is the person who overpays. When companies go searching for tax deals, they’re essentially putting themselves on the auction block and the town that “wins” them is the town that overpays. Theoretically, given town governments that can accurately estimate benefits, the net benefit to the towns will approach zero. But obviously nobody can estimate that well so lots of deals will have their benefits erased.

  3. December 22, 2013 at 7:54 am John Moriello responds:

    The $200 million in Lockport project tax money is and always has been a phantom number. A large percentage of what gets installed in Lockport will be ordered from and delivered to Yahoo locations that are not subject to such an onerous sales tax, then transported to Lockport.

    Everyone who mattered in the Yahoo deals has known that from Day 1. The only short-term benefit to Lockport is the employee payroll, which I’m sure is modest — but also more than they would get had the land remained undeveloped.

  4. December 22, 2013 at 2:35 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    what a Big City Mayor says No to a major sports franchise? Hell must have just froze over. 🙂

    Bad news for Lovely Warren the are No Rich People left in the City they left a long time ago.

  5. There’s probably 3 Rochesters, the two previously mentioned and the third being big business. The third is the one the city bends over backwards for. The poor Rochester is given a scraps to make them feel better and the middle class white Rochester is told they aren’t the “real” Rochester and aren’t really city residents by people like Lovely. Even though the live in the same neighborhood as the ones they are telling aren’t the real Rochesterians.

  6. There are always going to be “two Rochesters.” The primary reason for that is that there are two points of view when it comes to personal responsibility. In the city of Rochester, student absenteeism is perfectly acceptable. The RCSD itself says that one in four students in the city are absent more than 15 days a school year. The school district is on its fourth truancy “blitz” of the school year – a year that started just four months ago. How come the local news media (with a couple of exceptions) isn’t making a bigger deal about this? http://www.whec.com/news/stories/S3252240.shtml?cat=565

    It is intriguing that this sort of news is rarely discussed. The local press, Rachel included, have an obsession with the “common core.” But far more important issues like student attendance are rarely discussed. The ratio of stories about the “common core” to stories about student attendance at the RCSD has to be 50 to 1 or more.

  7. During the campaign we heard that the city has problems with poverty, crime and education. We heard about the fact there were two Rochesters.

    I don’t think any of this was news to anyone.

    A popular phrase in management is “Bring me solutions, not problems.”

    When is the last time a candidate talked about specific action steps to solve one of the problems mentioned above?

    We don’t want a mechanic that says, “Your car won’t start.” We want one that says, “I see you have a dead battery. I have jumper cables and I can fix it.”

    I want to see a candidate that will bring a concrete solution to the table, not just rhetoric like “We need to fight crime” as if that’s a new approach.

  8. Warren’s campaign was directly from the Obama playbook.
    We vs them, DEMs vs REPs, Minorities vs Whites etc.

    That thinking wants two sides … they don’t want one country or city. They want to shame the haves to pay back the have nots. Make them feel guilty and then tax them to redistribute wealth.

    Knock down the REP base and build up the wealth of the DEM base by giving them benefits.

    Like Obama continued to bash and blame Bush, Warren’s team last week made the point of Richards having retired with 10M and therefore didn’t need the raise when he was Mayor, as justification for Warren taking a new higher salary.

    As we have seen with Obama, the divided between the haves and have nots, whites and blacks is getting wider. Thats what will occur in Rochester as well.

    Mostly Whites support and lead winter coat drives, food drives, back to school supply dives, free bikes, …the list is endless all for the benefit of the poor.

    Yet studies and surveys conducted by an Agenda driven “non profit” organization rejoice in calling local whites racist and at fault for the lack of income and education in the black community.

    Lack of Personal responsibility is not an issue and never called out.

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