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Census appThe U.S. Census Bureau has a new smartphone application that tells you where you should live.

Dwellr asks questions about your age, sex and  education level. It also asks for general information about your friends and the kind of weather and geography you prefer. It wants to know if you prefer large, medium or small cities, and the general area of the country you want to locate.

I may have tailored my answers a bit to get this outcome, but Dwellr says I want to live in Rochester. Buffalo and Syracuse were the second and third choices.

Where does Dwellr say you want to live?


Links of the Day:


– Repeating the 8th grade costs a Section V basketball standout her senior year season of eligibility.

– A report says the Auburn Correctional Facility lacks medical staff and misses HIV diagnoses.

– The former superintendent of Canandaigua schools asks what if we’re wrong about Common Core.

– See the courts in New York that collect the most fines. Some are small towns.

– A Buffalo man broke of his engagement when his fiancee refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. Now he is suing for the return of the $49,000 ring.

– To supply the nation, Byrne Dairy out of Syracuse built plant that keeps product fresh 70 days.

– Great little adoption story from Rochester Animal Services.

Scientists discover 240 million-year-old “reptile restrooms.”


In Case You Missed It:


– Several RCSD basketball players were arrested while waiting for a school bus on Main Street. It’s notable their coach backs them up. It’s also notable the police version and the student version of what happened is pretty much the same – and the students were not accused of using obscene language. The issue here is whether the incident was handled in the best way possible.


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3 Responses to App: I’d Rather Be in Rochester…

  1. Somehow I think someone who is interested in Rochester would not like Erie or Allentown too much…

  2. Rochester is a well kept secret.

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