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rouletteNew Yorkers will vote on a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that would allow non-Indian casinos Upstate. I’m very skeptical of the promises made by the state that these casinos are excellent economic development tools.

Here are some links for you to consider:

I interviewed casino opponent David Blankenhorn of the Institute of the American Family. He said, “”The people that go to the casinos most often, put their money in slot machines, who are they? They’re retirees. They’re lower-wage workers. They’re minorities. They’re people who go and get fleeced by these slot machines. What we’re saying is, that’s the way we want to raise money for New York State? That’s an ethical way to bring money into the state?”

(His group, @amervalues, is having a Twitter chat at 8:30 p.m. Sunday night. #casinoland.)

– The Syracuse Post-Standard editorial board said, “If the casino amendment passes, New York City residents will continue to travel out-of-state to gamble…The bulk of the profit at upstate casinos will come from upstate bettors, sucking millions out of local economies. And it won’t be long before the money the state skims from the casinos in taxes or fees will flow into the general fund, where it will vanish.”

The New York Times editorial board said, “Other communities have reported a loss in local business as gamblers are swept into the casino and stay there to spend their money.”

– The Albany Times Union editorial board said, “There is nothing to say casino developers will be interested in building anything more than some small regional casinos upstate — slot palaces that do little more than lure in all the local residents they can, and drain them of disposal income that they might otherwise spend on the restaurants, entertainment, arts, shops and charities that make up a thriving community.”

A Daily News columnist wrote, “But casinos are not the licenses to print money that they used to be — and there are signs that the gambling industry is nearing a saturation point in the Northeast.”

– The Democrat and Chronicle editorial board urged a yes vote on the referendum, but cited no evidence that the casinos will deliver on the governor’s promise of new riches for struggling communities.


Links of the Day:


– Finger Lakes Racetrack has had 20 horse deaths this year, prompting a look from the state.

– Some Buffalo area school districts are withholding student data from the state, fearful of a massive database that could be abused.

– 137,000 underinsured Western New Yorkers have to get new health insurance plans. But the insurance policies being dumped were pretty terrible.

– Some Syracuse apartments will be built with recycled shipping containers.

– Santa will be at Eastview Mall next week. Already.

8 Responses to Think About Casino Referendum

  1. November 3, 2013 at 2:51 pm dew4794 responds:

    Gambling maybe – Casinos NO! Casinos suck money out of the city. Look at Niagara Falls; downtown. It’s
    plywood city. Atlantic City’s ghetto is right next door to the casinos. Riverboats in Iowa, nice around the casino, downtowns are boarded up. Why you ask? Small businesses can’t compete. Casino customers stay in its all inclusive complex. Property taxes increase by increased assessment values as well

    Jobs-service industry part time jobs mostly- they don’t transfer well to other occupations.

    About 2/3 of the revenue comes from gambling addicted customers, not from grandma Saedy and Uncle Elmer.

    Education revenue for the States, yes, BUT not additional monies. Why? Cash strapped governments use their income money for other budget stuff.

    Crime? Nevada is number TWO most dangerous state for crime per capital (recent FBI report). Robberies, burglaries, auto thief, bank robberies, they are huge.

    AND why did the “gaming industry” contribute huge sums to the Cuomo campaign? Hummm?

  2. November 3, 2013 at 10:25 pm My2cents responds:

    I agree that casinos are not a good idea.

    On the headlines below your posting: It is incorrect to say the policies being dumped are poor coverage. I had a very good BC/BS policy that was cancelled because it didn’t have all the ACA extras (that I don’t need). I get a hefty rate increase for a comparable policy that includes those extras. Hearing this from others with solid local coverage (Excellus and MVP).

  3. Sounds like a spot on assesment. If anyone honestly thinks I won’t go to Vegas to stay in a rinky sink NY casino you are out of your mind. Besides it’ll all be out of state developers that’ll suck money out of the area. Dew is right on the education money, all these idiots will do is direct an equivalent amount of money from education to spend on whatever idiotic project they have. Just look at Rochester city hall.

  4. I will be voting NO. I am a retiree and we will occasionally visit the casino at Niagra Falls. I am not against casinos. If one wants to gamble, there are plenty of places around the State already. I do have a problem with the government getting in the gambling business. I also do not trust the government ( Cuomo ) in anything that they say or promise. This does NOT pass the smell test. In addition, if the D&C endorses this amendment, then it definitely is not something that will be a benefit to middle class working people of this State.

  5. This is great. Casinos will bring in thousands of jobs across the state, support local communities with stable, prosperous workers and give billions in tax revenue to the state to help balance our books. Whatever you do, vote YES on this amendment. It will help make NY a better place to work, live and raise a family.

  6. Casino Gambling FAILED in Monroe County by 460 votes (NPR).

  7. While it is a moot point now, there are so many reasons why this is not a good idea for NY. Sadly, the gambling lobbies and the supposed financial benefits ruled the day. I penned an open letter to the Gov., with obvious lack of impact. but it is a poor decision for our future. http://responsivereiding.com/2013/10/30/an-open-letter-to-governor-cuomo-of-new-york-state/

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