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Last year, I shared some pictures of Memorial Days past. Here are some more as we honor those who served our country. (Links of the Day appear after the photographs.)


Dedicating the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in Washington Square Park on May 30, 1892


Women stand around flower-covered grave on Memorial Day in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Photograph taken around 1905-1915

Civil War veterans march down Main Street for Memorial Day Parade in 1908.


Flowers from the Rochester Carting Company loaded up and ready to go for the 1909 Memorial Day Parade.

Boy Scouts marching in the 1911 Memorial Day Parade on Main Street.


Memorial Day ceremony at Iola Sanitorium in 1911.

Pearl Ford of Hazlewood Terrace celebrates Memorial Day in 1912.


Women and children honor unknown soldiers at Mt. Hope Cemetery in 1913 for Memorial Day.

Civil War vets hold their tattered battle flags in 1916.

World War I veterans march in 1920’s Memorial Day Parade on Main Street.


Links of the Day:

– Economists are slamming Cuomo’s tax free zone proposal.

– Field tests will be given out again in the coming days to New York students, raising concerns they’re being used for corporate profits.

– Asian carp, round gobies, spiny water flea and mussels threaten Lake Erie’s health 

– The rise of the fourth branch of governmentthe administrative state.

– New York City hospitals are bracing for a spike in births nine months after Hurricane Sandy.

– “The little things, like standing up and being able to pee.”

3 Responses to Memorial Days Past II

  1. May 27, 2013 at 9:56 am Benny C. responds:

    Great pics, R.

    What a sin it was that urban renewal torn down the buildings considered a slum in the 1950’s in and around Front St. from the river to State St. between the RR and E. Main.

    It was only a slum because it did not meet the financial and commercial culture of elites but did capture the culture of ethnic America and small business.

    I played euchre with a couple who ran a diner on Front St. who was bought-out by urban renewal in the late ’50’s. They told me a well-known “street person” who hung around Front St. often used their front door alcove overnight and in effect guarded the diner – all for a cup of Joe and some grits from them in the morning.

    My friends and I from the 10th ward used to take the Dewey or Lake bus down there to rummage through bins of surplus and seconds casual attire from Champion Knit at Beansie’s Bargain Basement and Archie’s where you could get the best knit tennis sweaters and sweat shirts for pennies on the dollar.

    At least we didn’t tear down the Reynolds Arcade, even though it’s former glory, atrium/ and mezzanine, is masked by renovations.

  2. Nice pictures of Memorial Days that have passed by us in time.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    We owe much to those who gave us all.

  3. May 27, 2013 at 6:34 pm Marilyn Braccie Follett responds:

    Thanks for the pictures, John. Enjoyed looking at them & scenes from “old Rochester”.

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