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Public Market

The city is moving forward with the expansion of the Rochester Public Market. It issued a Request for Proposals for a developer to build a new row of storefronts. The storefronts would be owned and operated by the developer on land leased from the city. The RFP describes the reason for the expansion:

Research and analysis conducted as part of the Master Plan determined that additional storefronts within the Market District, housing small-scale food producers and food service businesses, offer an excellent means for achieving the Plan’s goals. Furthermore, there appears to be strong demand for more storefront spaces. All of the storefronts along Commission Row are leased with produce wholesalers, bakeries, chocolate makers, coffee roasters, and a recently-opened restaurant that attracts crowds five nights a week. Market management reports frequent inquiries from artisan food makers about renting space in or around the Market to house their businesses.

The city wants to make the market more of a year-round space, open more than a few days a week. It’s renovating the winter shed and putting in more outdoor sheds, which will be ready in 2015. The market is fully-leased, with 300 vendors. The busiest day is Saturday, with 40,000 vistors.

When the expansion and upgrades were first announced, there was concern the market would become too yuppie. Those concerns may be justified, as the city hopes the developer fills the new storefronts with “specialty food producers (such as cheese makers, butchers, pasta makers, ice cream and candy makers, bakers, pickle makers, nut roasters, etc.) Other desirable uses include restaurants and cafes.”

Links of the Day:

– State law forbids doctors from calling in prescriptions for needles and syringes. But anyone can just walk into a pharmacy and buy them, no questions asked.

– State troopers released video of a woman hitting a police car and said she was talking on her phone during the crash. But phone records show she wasn’t.

– Urban schools have long had tight security, and some students say they feel like prisons.

– Why do shady lawmakers like steakhouses so much? “You never read about an envelope being passed..in the front seat of a Prius.”

– The New York City councilman arrested in the Malcolm Smith bribery scandal belongs to a medieval religion and was “publicly flogged and lost a spear-throwing contest.” 

Rochester’s hipster pastor.

4 Responses to Public Market Expansion

  1. Maybe the city should add the rehab of the burnt out grocer to this rfp. I don’t think that’s been fixed yet. I guess overall it is a good thing, I’m worried about it becoming to yuppie and sterile and losing the organic feel it has from a century of evolution. What Id love to see is revitalization of the area around it and main st. But that could come with a public market that is active 5-7 days a week.

  2. April 6, 2013 at 1:40 pm Orielly responds:

    Oh yea, the city has no money, they are running a deficit budget, they want more money from the state and the county, they just can’t make it and balance out on a budget with current declining revenues.

    Lets build a skate park, a second walking bridge to the UR, lets re-do Manhattan square park, a Marina in Charlotte, keep that bar we own in Charlotte going (at a loss, college town, etc. When will a reporter ask they question… I thought you had no money?

  3. April 6, 2013 at 3:09 pm lynn e responds:

    The Public Market is a success story. Nice. As for the kids in D.C. their protest is a nice one. All of Washington D. C. Looks that way. I think that something must have happened to make security so tight and it is better to be safe than sorry. But a dialog about it is needed and important to have.

  4. I’m not sure if that’s the best place for a new storefront. They need to focus on fixing up the homes around it instead

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