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RPDCity residents could get a call in the coming weeks asking about police services.

The Rochester Police Department issued a Request for Proposals seeking a company to perform a survey of residents to “measure opinion of our public safety resources.” The company will work with the department on developing questions and identifying areas of concern.

The survey comes after the mayor and police chief held several forums with the public about violence.

I bet this survey will be used in part to support going back to a quadrant policing model. Chief Jim Sheppard has said he’d like to do away with the two-sections and have four sections, as well as a downtown policing district.

What do you think the department should ask in this survey and do with the results?

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6 Responses to Police to Survey Residents

  1. March 7, 2013 at 11:12 am Benny C. responds:

    It is common practice in large organizations to re-organized based upon going from a decentralized pyramidal management plan to a central one and vise-verso. Public organizations are most like to do so, especially when a new top executive is appointed to take over.

    It matters not whether the organization is centralized or decentralized when the new top executive takes over, after great study the new reorganization plan will be the opposite of what was in place and deemed to be unfit for continuation.

    It also doesn’t matter what the residents say because the survey will be slanted to gather information that supports the intent of the top executive (my assumption is that they know and want the residents to say things were better when there were more districts.)

    These cyclical reorganizations give opportunity for promotions and demotions by the top executives in order to solidify top management staff loyalties immediately around them.

    There is hardly ever a true measurement or the effectiveness of the new organization compared to the old one using a cost-benefit comparison (cost per arrest by crime category, cost per cleared case, etc.) but rather only raw gross crime data comparisons.

    At least in business organizations bottom line comparisons of annual finance reports can be made, assuming the books haven’t been cooked to save face.

  2. March 7, 2013 at 1:09 pm Ginny Maier responds:

    Just want to thank you for your links of the day, every day. Always a nice mix of interesting, funny, thought provoking and topical.

  3. Let me get this straight….the RPD is going to ask the residents of the city to rate their service? Is this a joke? According to the D&C, Chief Shepard has been having multiple meetings and gatherings with residents for some time. What more is he trying learn? In addition, what answer do you think you are going to get from people that have no respect for the law or the police. Thanks for the laugh of the day.

  4. March 7, 2013 at 8:11 pm Orielly responds:

    Again… I thought the city had no money, they are broke. Thats what they keep on saying. So they are spending on a survey now? When’s a reporter going to keep on asking that question to city leaders at every spending corner? Or when they claim they have no money ask them to justify a few spending items.. Is this one really needed?

  5. Orielly is right, you guys give the city a free pass. They threaten cuts of police, fire, librarie, rec centers one day, then throw money at frivolous developments like the marina, broad st fauxcanal, skate parks, pier 45, etc and you guys never ask them what changed from yesterday. They constantly complain about employee pay and benefits, yet many in city hall take yearly raises and enjoy premium benefits. When are you guys going to start reporting and stop being extensions of city hall’s PR office?

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