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Skyline - featured 220X165We know Rochester has great commute times, but not all of us get to work in the average 20 minutes.

The U.S. Census came out with a report on mega-commuters, people who travel long distances to get to their jobs. The study showed 600,000 people take 90 minutes and travel 50 miles to get to work. Nearly 11 million people travel an hour each way. In the  Washington D.C. area, super long commutes are normal. (It sounds like a miserable existence.)

There are about 350,000 people living in Monroe County who have jobs. The vast majority  of those jobs are in Monroe County. But a sizable group crosses county lines to go to work. Here are the number of Monroe County residents who commute to the following counties:

Ontario County: 7,085 (12,428 Ontario County residents commute to Monroe County. 2,518 commute to Wayne County.)

Wayne County: 3,453 (15,257 Wayne County residents commute to Monroe County. 4,039 commute to Ontario County.)

Livingston County: 1,467

Genesee County: 1,208

Erie County: 1,025 (1,241 Erie County residents commute to Monroe County.)

Orleans County: 906

Onondaga County: 579

It’s clear Ontario County’s boom has shifted jobs east. It’s interesting to note that despite the close proximity of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, there aren’t a lot of people commuting among the cities. That’s probably because all offer affordable housing.

Links of the Day:

– Batavia was named a hotbed of expanding and relocating businesses.

– Syracuse residents, tired of waiting for the city, put up their own surveillance cameras. (I’d like to see a study done on the effectiveness of Rochester’s camera network. Does it deter crime? Are crimes often caught on tape? Do the cameras lead to arrests?)

Gunshot wounds drive up healthcare costs.

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7 Responses to The Rochester Mega-Commuter

  1. March 5, 2013 at 5:37 pm Orielly responds:

    Where did these numbers of commuters between our counties and cities come from? (the census?) That’s impossible to be that exact. I think the word approximately must be missing somewhere.

    And people living in Victor and western Ontario county and working in the many offices of Pittsford and Perinton easily get to their offices in under 20 minutes. Just like many living in western Wayne county and working at Xerox Webster or Kodak easily make it in under 20 minutes.

    Just because you live in one county and commute to another does not mean your commute is over 20 minutes in this area. I would bet that the many Xerox Webster employees, who live in Wayne county, have, as a whole, a shorter total average commute than Xerox Monroe County employees.

  2. March 5, 2013 at 9:12 pm Maximus Super responds:

    Orielly, it is a blog. Why so tense? There’s fresh air outside, and the birds are starting to chirp also.

  3. March 6, 2013 at 3:54 pm Orielly responds:

    I don’t see anything wrong with living in the burbs, driving a car 20,000+ miles a year, living in one county and commuting to another, that doesn’t mean the “commutes” are too long. I don’t have a problem with “sprawl”, with new sports complexes paid for by private funds going up in Victor.

    City living does not appeal to many… most. And they are not wrong for that and are doing society no harm in living that way. Is that “tense” defending that? Cool I wear that badge proudly.

    In fact when considering the RCSD those that live in the Burbs and raise kids are providing a better life (for most) than bringing up kids on city streets or in city schools… like it or not that is the way it is.

    And the birds chirp far louder and more often in the Burbs. And there are more of them.

  4. If Monroe county would invest in better mass transit we would be able to get.from the city to the burbs in no time.

  5. March 7, 2013 at 7:09 pm Orielly responds:

    “If Monroe county would invest in better mass transit we would be able to get.from the city to the burbs in no time.”

    I don’t believe thats true. No matter how much you invest in mass transit you will never beat a car traveling from the city to the burbs in this area most of the time. The required stops along the way, make the travel time far longer no matter how fast the train goes.

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