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CarsRochester is a great place to buy a used car.

CarGurus.com ranked Rochester as the third best place to buy a used car in the country. Buyers pay 5.4 percent less than the national average. Buffalo was ranked seventh on the list. The website compared data on 3 million used cars for sale. Cars made before 2000 were not included.

CarGurus found the best used car markets are in cities. The Buffalo News reports:

Buffalo’s status as an inexpensive place to buy a used car makes sense to Tony Daily, general manager of Towne Automotive Group. He believes a few factors contribute to the ranking.

For starters, many items here sell for less than in some larger metro areas, he said, and there is “a lot of car turnover in Buffalo.”


Another factor is the popularity of leasing: It is common to find cars with a single owner coming off lease after three years, he said. “They’re very easy to sell, and they’re very affordable.”

And in a region known for its harsh winters, many customers want to trade in to get something new to ensure they will have a reliable vehicle for those conditions, he said.

Last year in Monroe County, sales of new and used cars were at a decade-high level, up 4 percent from the year before. More than 64,500 new and used cars were sold in 2012.

Links of the Day:

– The state could allow hydrofracking near the pristine Hemlock and Canadice Lakes, which are the drinking water supply for Rochester.

– The state will not release information on how many tax credits each movie receives. It took the state a year to get limited data on the program to the Post-Standard.

– More evidence of Cuomo’s attempts to control press and staff interactions with media: All reporter calls are tracked.

– NYSUT is drowning in red ink. About 300 of the union’s 507 employees earn six figures.

2 Responses to Great Place to Buy Used Car

  1. In regards to gas drilling near our lakes, in our public forests, I find it disturbing that our State officials would even consider these actions. I would not be surprised if Gov Cuomo supported these actions. He has demonstrated that he will sell out upstate interests and well being for political gain. I would be disappointed if local elected officials supported these plans. I am worried because our local officials, except for a few, seem to be puppets for Cuomo and are more interested in advancing their careers in politics. Hydro fracking is still an unknown with many claims of pollution, infrastructure damage, and in some cases contributing or causing earthquakes. True or not is debatable, but is it worth the risk? I am not willing to take that risk.

  2. Used cars are probably worth less in Rochester than many other places due to the huge amount of salt we use on the roads. That leads to rust which leads to more repairs. Buying a car that’s been driving 100,000 miles in Rochester shouldn’t be compared to buying a car that’s been driven 100,000 miles in Florida, unless the Rochester car was off the road in the winter.

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