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We’ve often talked about the neighborhood surrounding Sahlen’s Stadium as a perceived barrier to drawing more visitors. It’s been proven time and again if stadium offers great programming, people have no hesitation going, but the perception problems remain.

The neighborhood, called JOSANA, has been gradually improving over time. A new public square and garden have been built. Habitat for Humanity has built about 40 homes. Cornerstone is building more. Now the city is putting 29 lots up for sale. Some are in the stadium’s sight line.

JOSANAThe city has issued a Request for Proposals for the 29 lots. The city is hoping for affordable housing, including single family homes. If nothing else. the RFP will gauge developer interest. There might not be any. That’s because the area is incredibly poor.

According to a 2010 market study, there are 2,930 residents of JOSANA and slightly less than 1,000 households. The population is dropping. The media family income is $20,800. The per capita income is $9,250. Nearly half of households don’t own cars. The housing stock is very old, with two-thirds having been built before 1939.

Make no mistake, this is an effort to rebuild and save a neighborhood. The proposals are due in March.

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6 Responses to Stadium Neighborhood Could Get Boost

  1. If most of the people there don’t own cars, how about working building up a commercial district within walking distance? Not saying we need something like Park Avenue over there, but I’m sure they would love a drug store, a small grocery, a bank, or other vital amenities in their neighborhood. It would also make the neighborhood more attractive to prospective residents.

  2. January 25, 2013 at 11:39 am DominionROC responds:

    I understand the intent of city officials…but it makes no sense to build new homes when the city already has thousands of vacant buildings that need rehab. Rehab homes…don’t build new ones!

    Its basic supply and demand. If you build more homes with static or reduced demand…you just dampen the value of all properties in the city. Someone moves into a new subsidized home…then there now exists an empty home somewhere else in the city. Does this make any sense?

    Again…I understand the good intent of city officials…but their actions will result in negative unintended consequences!

  3. January 25, 2013 at 12:17 pm Kevin Yost responds:

    Parking for Sahlen’s Stadium is scattered. How about building a new Sahlen’s Stadium, using little or no tax dollars, at either part of the Midtown Plaza site or part of the Medley Center site, alongside a re-formed National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum by U.S. Soccer and also a re-formed Billie Jean King Int’l Women’s Sports Center, Museum, and Hall of Fame by the Women’s Sports Foundation to dovetail a new North American Sports Museum by The Strong in Buffalo to tie in with the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame there and the idea of a businessman over there for a “Fandemoneum” sports museum there. This would also take in what was in the failed Sports Museum of America in Manhattan. The current Sahlen’s Stadium could then be retrofitted into a softball stadium for a local franchise of the National Pro Fastpitch women’s pro softball league. There could be a public rail line running on the CSX line from either Macedon or Fairport to Chili, Churchville, or Batavia and a branch line running from High Falls to Brockport using the line that currently dead-ends at Sahlen’s Stadium, with stops there and at Frontier Field and would run along Plymouth Avenue part of the way and demolish some homes east of the stadium. The historic excursion trains of the Medina Railroad Museum on this line from Medina to Lockport planned to expand to Niagara Falls could also expand on this route to High Falls as well.

  4. Broad St and Jay St were a mixed use commercial corridor. There are several commercial buildings in the neighborhood that are vacant the city could offer up dirt cheap for rehab and reuse. They could ve

  5. Broad St and Jay St were a mixed use commercial corridor. There are several commercial buildings in the neighborhood that are vacant the city could offer up dirt cheap for rehab and reuse. They could even do the asbestos abatement, they’d do it before tear down anyways. I’ve long said the money spent on demo could be spent on rehab and the buildings offered up for sale and that would really help neighborhoods. It’d be cost neutral or a revenue generator for the city vs the current demo program. They won’t do it though, the recent JOSANNA neighborhood plan talked about getting rid of the commercial on Jay and turning it into residential only. It’s a long walk to Price Rite on Lyell if you live in that area by shalens. Some mixed in commercial on Jay Broad and even Smith would help those people still there a lot. I do give credit that at least habit is building new homes. Just so wasteful to demo a house then build a new one on it.

  6. January 25, 2013 at 10:39 pm Cary Barnhart responds:

    I have been to the stadium several times…parking and venue were never a problem. Actually I don’t even notice the neighborhood because that is not why I am there. Folks, get a life…I know of no history of problems at the stadium. Perception is not a problem but an excuse just like Irondeqoit Mall which NEVER had any problems that overshadowed the other malls. Be adventerous…you may be surprised there is no adventure involved. Actually, that might disappoint some people.

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