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Tweeted by Wegmans 12/19/12

Tweeted by Wegmans 12/19/12


Wegmans, where you can sip a frothy latte while you fill your cart with fruits so perfect you wonder if they’re made of wax, is now offering a line of yoga products.

Stency Wegman, wife of the CEO, launched a line of yoga wear and accessories late last year.  She’s a longtime Hatha yoga practitioner and instructor who started selling her DVDs in Wegmans stores in 2011.

Glamorous CarrotThe Wegmans Organic Farm was an inspiration for the yoga wear. The clothes are made of organic cotton. The pants and shirts are emblazoned with a yoga-posing carrot. It’s what Stency Wegmans calls the “glamorous carrot” pose. “Love Your Veggies” is printed on the back of each shirt.

One could look at this as a CEO merely indulging his wife’s yoga passion. But this is incredibly smart. Yoga remains popular. Even little kids are doing downward dog. Wegmans and yoga go together like Wegmans and…the “Chickenless Florentine” that was featured today in one of the $8.49/lb. self-serve buffets at Calkins Rd.

It’s not supposed to make sense, but it does.

For example, Jane walks by the yoga display and thinks, “I really need to get back into a class. I’m feeling stressed and out of shape.” (There’s no John, because there doesn’t appear to be any menswear.) Jane puts a $59.99 tank top in her cart. She has a new resolve to be healthy, so she circles back to the produce section and loads up on organic vegetables. The next time she visits the store, she picks up the pants and the mat. Let’s face it, once you’ve spent nearly $60 on a tank top, there’s no turning back.

Wegmans wins. (Doesn’t it always?)

5 Responses to Food You Feel Good About Yoga

  1. next time you go back look at the label on the very back. if they’re the same ones I’ve seen in Wegmans, they’re only like 17% organic cotton.. so they’re not completely organic cotton.. another skeevy marketing ploy!

  2. January 21, 2013 at 9:41 pm lellingw responds:

    I saw that collection this evening at my store. The DVD just says Stency. I didn’t see a Wegmans logo but I didn’t look very hard. Well we will see how well they sell. Wegmans offers a lot.

  3. January 21, 2013 at 11:36 pm Edward Richards responds:


  4. November 10, 2013 at 12:33 am Brenda Bandinel responds:

    Stencys yoga tapes are so fun and easy to follow. I have both and there is simply no better yoga tape on the market today. Her c yoga clothing line is shockingly durable. I have had all the pieces pants, long sleeve top and the tank. After washing at least once a week for ayear they look new and stillgrab me in all the right places . Get the kits!

    • November 10, 2013 at 12:42 am Brenda Bandinel responds:

      THESE TAPES ROCK! I Have had all Stencys yoga wear for ayear .100 washings & they all look new &still grab me in allthe right places .

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