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Clean Sweep, (Photo credit: City of Rochester)

Clean Sweep, (Photo credit: City of Rochester)

Rochester’s Clean Sweep has become an annual community volunteering event. Residents put on gloves and pick up rakes, shovels and garden hoes. The exercise beautifies the city and unites neighbors, though some say the efforts should be continued year-round.

Syracuse has a program that fits into the Clean Sweep spirit. The city has a “volunteer shovel brigade.” The Post-Standard reports:

Instead of trying to get neighbors and businesses to shovel or waiting for City Hall to get behind a sidewalk crackdown, the coalition’s shovel brigade is doing it themselves.


The residents’ group snow removal effort is being funded through a $3,900 grant from the Gifford Foundation and a bit more money from Pro Literacy and the West Side Business Association. They use the money to buy shovels, hats and gloves and provide food and coffee for the volunteers who show up.

Last year, Mayor Stephanie Miner wanted to give code enforcement officers the power to ticket property owners for failing to shovel their sidewalks. Right now, police are the only ones who can do that. City councilors shot down the proposal.

snow shovelLast week, I reported on residents struggling to navigate Rochester’s icy sidewalks. Rochester requires property owners and first-floor tenants to clear walkways, but many do not. Code officers here do have the power to ticket, but enforcement is mainly complaint-based and in commercial districts.

A shovel brigade sounds like a nice idea.


Links of the Day:

– An AR-15 was used to kill a young girl in Rochester in 2007. The owner had exchanged it for drugs.

– “Joe Morelle’s involvement in his son’s appointment to an open county legislature seat is so ludicrously, transparently odious.” Nestor Ramos nails it.

– Rochester area towns are issuing more handicapped parking permits than ever. But enforcing the rules is difficult.

– Washington, D.C. charter schools expel students at a much higher rate than regular public schools.

– Rain collected from the Carrier Dome roof will be used to flush toilets at the facility. It may even be dyed orange.

– The Wegmans in Chili gets a lot of lottery winners.

3 Responses to Clean Sweep…er…Shovel?

  1. I can say without one ounce of shame that the only city employees who actually shovel any snow regularly are the firefighters. We have to take care of our own parking lots, station walkways and the driveway for the trucks and then go around the city shoveling out hydrants that have been buried in by both street and sidewalk plows. When I worked the 10th Ward we would just ride on the front bumper of the trucks from plug to plug.
    Also, the AR story proves gun control can\’t work because there are enough guns out there to last forever even if they stop selling new ones today. And I think my Facebook comments showed I\’m 100% with Nestor on the appointment of the kid.

  2. January 6, 2013 at 5:05 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    this what i am on about with charter schools. they take the best kids right off the top than throw out the low performing student, then brag about their higher than average test score.

    that really is running goverment mor elike a bussiness. lie , cheat and steal.

  3. It\’s a futile effort, even on streets with the sidewalks well shoveled people walk in the street. Unless we\’re going to shovel and salt its a waste of time

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