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I am struggling to find a single blog topic today, so here’s a hodgepodge of stuff that caught my eye:

Big housing project on University Avenue planned:

Rochester’s Preservation Board is taking up a proposal to build a large apartment complex where a VFW post now stands. The property is in the East Avenue Preservation District and backs up to the George Eastman House site. The meeting agenda says Bob Morgan of Morgan Management wants:

To remove a 2-story, veterans clubhouse building, a surface parking lot and existing landscaping; construct a 4-story, 174,000sf, 110-unit apartment building with a 118-space 1st floor parking garage, a 3400sf veterans clubhouse building and 21 surface parking spaces.

Google Street View

Google Street View


City to hire camera maintenance firm:

survillance-security-camera2Rochester City Council has been asked to approve a $220,000 annual contract with an Illinois company to maintain its citywide surveillance camera system. According to the legislation, 20 to 30 percent of the city’s 173 cameras are not functioning at any given time. Two officers are devoted to fixing them nearly full time. The camera system, meant to deter crime and catch criminals, went live in 2009. Thirty more cameras are planned this year. It’s an expensive program to maintain, but also to staff. Several employees and a supervisor are monitoring the cameras.


Skatepark moves forward:

Rochester City Council will consider hiring Stantec to design a skatepark proposed for an area off South Avenue under the Freddie Sue Bridge. The skatepark has been in the works for some time.

Skatepark site


Weird novel set in Rochester:

The New York Times reviewed a book set in Rochester written by Flower City native Bill Peters. It’s got a strange title and an even stranger website. “Maverick Jetpants in the City of Quality” is about a guy named Nate. The NYT writes:

He lives with his mother and her current squeeze, “Fake Dad No. 3.” Mostly, he drifts and looks for work in a somewhat desultory fashion. His ambition, such as it is, is to join his best friend, Necro (né Andrea: “Everyone in Rochester is Italians”), at Kodak, the firm that made Rochester famous. But it’s 1999, and the prospects are bleak for old-fashioned companies like Kodak and for Rust Belt cities like Rochester, whose nickname hasn’t been “City of Quality” since the 1960s.

All of a sudden, a bunch of downtown buildings are set on fire. The book website indicates garbage plates make an appearance.

Links of the Day:

The $7.4 million Brinks heist was 20 years ago today.

A Buffalo church is coming down. Meanwhile, there are plans to redevelop a historic Syracuse church. 

– A British paper writes about the “shell” of Niagara Falls, New York.

– There’s no evidence that having more equates to a safer society. The opposite is likely true.

– The United States lost more government jobs under Obama than any president since WWII ended.

– The word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious may have originated in Syracuse. 

7 Responses to Housing, Cameras, Skatepark, Weird Book

  1. I was having lunch at Starry Nites Cafe while representatives from Morgan Management were there meeting with the Neighborhood of the Arts Business Association. I got a glimpse of what they plan to build and it was very modern – a lot of brick and glass – but attractive. It\’s going to be a relatively high-end development, apparently. If I recall correctly, there\’s going to be a private courtyard. And I think most of the parking is going to be underground, not in a huge parking lot.

    The representatives seemed to take the perspectives of the NOTABA members seriously so I do have a good feeling about this project. There\’s really nothing there now.

  2. January 5, 2013 at 2:50 pm lynn e responds:

    Its difficult enough to get a book published much less get it reviewed in the New York Times! The reviewer calls him a serious literary artist. Cool! Will try to get.

  3. I\’m a life member of the VFW and was saddened when our post on North Union St. had to close because we lost all of our revenue (thanks to the no smoking laws as we had civilian bartenders and weren\’t considered a \’private\’ club because of that. ugh.). This isn\’t a VFW post at the University site, this is a 40/8 club which is American Legion (VFW requires overseas service in combat zones, American Legion is open to all vets regardless of time/place served). The 40/8 membership is based on your actions (good will, community service types) after military service and is kind of like the elite of the American Legion. (I don\’t think my old post merged with them but since the Union St building closed I\’m not around members often. I think the post is using a Webster Legion hall as it\’s base?). The 40/8 stands for a symbol on French boxcars in World War 1 that had 40/8 on them meaning they could hold 40 men or 8 horses on the way to the trenches. I won\’t go off too much on how we have shackled such a small portion of our population with the last 11 years of war, but another of the downfalls resulting from that is veteran\’s organizations like the VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Vets, etc. haven\’t grown their memberships like one would expect with over a decade worth of eligible vets out there because the same people keep being sent back, resulting in a much smaller pool of eligible Americans. Combine that with World War 2/ Korea vets dying off at dramatic rates and the relatively young age of many deceased Vietnam veterans and it means posts closing all over the country. I grew up going to Legion and VFW halls (along with other fraternal places like the Polish Falcons club, Ukrainian club, etc.) with parents and families of friends and the closing/merging of these posts has been a loss for every community. (It isn\’t all hanging out at the bar) People forget that the \”Legion Baseball\” team that their kids might play for is actually \”American Legion Baseball\”. I try to find a VFW post in every town I travel to just to say hi and have a beer. They are getting harder to find and becoming part of \’Americana\’ instead of America.

  4. Are there any pictures or a website about this planned development. That area of university ave is pretty sparse. Gleason works takes up one side of the street with the fire house, a house and the 40/8 and parking lot taking up the other. It could really add to the neighborhood and help to connect Atlantic/University with Culver/University. I just hope if the 40/8 is still active that they get a good deal out of this.

  5. Here is a good article about Morgan Management founder Robert Morgan. His family used to own a seafood business on Plymouth Avenue. Very cool story.

  6. That was a great article, thank you for linking it. Other than laughing at the idea of a chain of RV parks with giant screens for NASCAR races….. like drive-ins you live at and only get a show on Sundays?……. I appreciated that the attack, injury, effects, background of the hood, results of the trial, etc. was discussed and t never became a pro-gun/anti-gun story. To me that says the reporter went in wanting to do a story on this guy that had no agenda, but was just telling people here is the man behind the curtain if you\’d like to know more about him. No news organization on the national level, or most local ones I guess, does that anymore. Left or right, there is always an agenda behind the line of questioning and facts be damned. A few other takes from it, this was when G-Street was at it\’s worst and during our CIty\’s worst homicide period I believe. The shooter used a plain old revolver, which was just as devastating as a semi-auto or whatever other gun you choose to focus on if you are anti-gun, which I doubt he had a permit for in this state with it\’s strong gun control laws, especially for pistols. The guy was nuts as shown by his actions. The guy\’s record should\’ve kept him in jail for life. The sentence given to him is ridiculous. Every parole hearing Mr. Morgan should show up and hand each board member an article about the West Webster shootings and say \’Do we need to let this happen again? Keep this man in jail for life\’.
    Thanks again for a good read.

  7. January 6, 2013 at 5:07 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    has anyone on the american side of the fals ever asked what the canadians are doing that makes their side better? could part of it be national health?

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