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Here are some reasons to have hope for Rochester in the coming year. (Mobile friendly slideshow here.)


Links of the Day:

– Buffalo is ending the year with 50 homicides. Rochester had 37 at last check, making the per capita rate similar.

– A New York State trooper is on the board of the NRA.

– Better mental health treatment will not solve the nation’s problem with violence, as this op-ed makes clear. 

– The Onondagas are commemorating a treaty scholars say is a fake.

– Got bedbugs? A pill could help.

– A Salinger’s bartender won Absolut’s best Bloody Mary contest.

6 Responses to 13 Reasons for Optimism in 2013

  1. January 1, 2013 at 4:56 pm Amy Voelkl responds:

    I am optimistic for 2013 because it saps my energy to be pessimistic. We have much to be proud of in Rochester and the surrounding communities.

  2. You are the optimist. That\’s good….don\’t change. I would be happy if everything you stated comes to pass.

  3. And any optimism I had left when I just read on 13\’s site that Morelli\’s kid is being appointed to the County Legislature at 24 years old. If that doesn\’t drive home what I always say about \’The Machine\’ and the \’sheep\’ that claim to be residents of this area nothing does. Although this might sum it up nicely; \”is it legal? Than it must be ethical.\” Disgusting.

  4. Justaguy has a great point. I too was deeply disturbed by this, not just the neopotism, but the kid has no life experience. Ok he had a job for what 2 years, now he\’ll be a career politician. Politics in our city, county, state, country are broken and it seems the people won\’t vote in a manner to change it. The people of Rochester are great, we just keep electing idiots and it is killing our city and county

  5. January 1, 2013 at 11:36 pm Orielly responds:

    Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush, Maria Shriver, Peter Doocey, Luke Russert,…. on a national level they just deserved the job, because of who they are related to? They clearly lacked the experience and education, but that didn\’t matter.

    How many Kennedys get into the ivy league schools … and they all earned their way there? Caroline Kennedy wanted to start off as Senator, after all Hillary Clinton did it.

    We complain and rightly so about this nepotism and then we vote for people like Hillary and Obama who have no experience for the positions they get elected to. (thanks Oprah) But they are cool aren\’t they and everybody knows them so thats cool too.

    In today\’s world its far better to BE KNOWN or related to \”the Known\”, than to just KNOW your stuff via experience work your way up and earn the job. What are we teaching our kids and what an elitist class society we are creating.

  6. America; the movie Idiocracy come to life.

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