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School busA lot of headlines this morning say people are worried about school safety following the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

Let’s remember something very important: Schools are safer than ever.

It’s appropriate for principals and police to go over emergency procedures and other plans. But what changes in school safety procedures could this awful incident possibly bring about?

The Washington Post reports: 

Teaching has never been a dangerous profession, but each mass shooting changes classrooms in subtle ways. Even before Friday’s shooting, Sandy Hook adhered to the intensifying security rhythms of American education in the past two decades: More surveillance cameras. More threat codes issued over the loud speaker. More fire drills. More “high alerts” and “code reds.” Sandy Hook practiced lockdowns twice each year, once to prepare for a threat coming from outside the school and once again in case of a shooter inside the hallways.

The New York Times reports: 

Tom Boasberg, the superintendent of schools in Denver, said he had not yet determined whether to ramp up drills. “When you read the story of what happened at Sandy Hook, you realize, ‘Holy cow, they did a lot of things right,’ ” he said.

As in Newtown, Mr. Boasberg said, many schools in Denver already have intercoms, buzzers and surveillance cameras mounted at their primary doors, and voters passed a bond measure last month to raise money so all campuses could have security equipment. But he added, “We’re not going to turn our schools into police bunkers.”

We can try to plan for every imaginable scenario, but there will always be one for which we had no plan. I liked how Rochester officials not only reviewed safety plans over the weekend, but offered reassurance to the community. Like many school districts, Rochester is ready to offer support to students who have questions about the tragedy. That seems a very reasonable response.

Links of the Day:

– Workers at a Herkimer County gun plant hope they weren’t the ones who made the rifle used by Adam Lanza.

– Newtown proposed restricting firearms, but there was fierce opposition.

– It’s not social media’s fault when misinformation is spread in breaking news stories. It’s the nature of the stories – they’re chaotic. The “journalist sausage-making” used to be secret.

– Chobani is opening a massive yogurt plant in Idaho. It already has one in New York.

– Not shocking. People come fro the suburbs to buy weed at Conkey and Clifford.

– A drunk guy in Saratoga Springs tried to steal a limo full of bachelorettes. The ladies let him have it!

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