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The U.S. Census American Fact Finder survey came out with new data this week. The five year estimates from 2007 to 2011 don’t contain many surprises, but this is still an interesting snapshot of our community.

The neighborhoods surrounding Rochester’s two largest colleges have the highest rate of foreign-born residents.

  • In Zip Code 14623, where Rochester Institute of Technology is located, 17 percent of residents were born outside the United States, two-thirds of those residents are from Asia.
  • Zip Code 14627 is the University of Rochester campus, where 17 percent of residents are from other countries. Eighty percent are from Asian nations.
  • Zip Code 14618 in Brighton sits between the U of R and RIT. Fourteen percent of residents are foreign-born, half of those residents are from Asia.
  • Zip Code 14620, which encompasses the University of Rochester Medical Center, South Wedge and Highland neighborhoods has 14 percent of its residents hailing from foreign countries. More than half of the immigrants are from Asia.
  • In all of Monroe County, 8 percent of residents are foreign born.

The census data shows immigration is vital to our large institutions and their surrounding communities.

Places where more than half the households are made up of married couples are scattered among Monroe County’s suburbs.

Highest rates of married-couple households:

  • 14534 (Pittsford): 70%
  • 14543 (Henrietta/Rush): 67%
  • 14506 (Mendon): 65%
  • 14472 (Honeoye Falls): 63%
  • 14559 (Spencerport): 63%
  • 14468 (Hilton): 62%
  • 14464 (Hamlin): 61%
  • 14526 (Eastern Penfield): 61%
  • 14580 (Webster): 59%
  • 14546 (Chili): 59%
  • 14450 (Fairport): 58%
  • 14617 (Irondequoit): 57%
  • 14428 (Chili): 55%
  • 14624 (Gates): 55%
  • 14586 (West Henrietta): 55%
  • 14626 (Greece): 54%
  • 14625 (Western Penfield): 52%
  • 14514 (Chili): 52%
  • 14618 (Brighton): 52%
  • 14612 (Greece/Charlotte): 52%
  • 14467 (Henrietta/Rush): 51%
  • 14420 (Brockport): 51%

Lowest rates of married-couple households:

  • 14605 (Upper Falls, Marketview Heights): 18%
  • 14611 (Genesee, Jefferson, Dutchtown): 17%
  • 14608 (Corn Hill): 12%
  • 14607 (Park Ave.):  11%
  • 14604 (Downtown business district): 8%

The places with most residents having earned a bachelor’s degree or higher are concentrated around the U of R and RIT and the east side suburbs, with one exception – Rochester’s Park Ave. neighborhood.

  • 14506 (Mendon): 72%
  • 14534 (Pittsford): 68%
  • 14618 (Brighton): 68%
  • 14610 (Browncroft/Brighton): 58%
  • 14472 (Honeoye Falls): 57%
  • 14607 (Park Ave.): 56%
  • 14450 (Fairport): 52%
  • 14625 (Western Penfield):  51%

(Note: I’m pretty sure I plugged in all Monroe County Zip Codes. If you think yours should be on one of these lists, let me know and I’ll double check.)

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15 Responses to Immigration, Marriage & Education

  1. Corn Hill is only 12%? Wow!

  2. 14586!

  3. Kevin,

    There are a lot of factors driving that number. Any neighborhood with lots of apartments is going to be low. Also Corn Hill has a number of group homes that also drive down numbers. Plus a sizable gay and lesbian population that until quite recently wasn’t allowed to even consider marriage.

  4. Thanks for the clarification/insight, Bill.

    • December 8, 2012 at 9:42 am Bill K. responds:

      I was a bit surprised too until I thought about it – I know a lot of buildings in the neighborhood owned by a married couple with 2-4 apartments being rented out which are often quite nice, but too small for a growing family. And I know from previous work that institutional living facilities can quickly skew the data – “group quarters” are supposed to be excluded from household data, but often don’t get caught and are listed in the data as something like 30 separate individual apartments instead. Another issue I should have mentioned as causing variance from what casual observation of the neighborhood would indicate – 14608 expands beyond Corn Hill and includes some “troubled” areas with the associated demographic effects (areas probably more similar to the zip codes they border (14605,14611, 14614 and 14604 – 3 of them also on the list) than to “Corn Hill” per se. http://www.mapszipcode.com/new%20york/rochester/14608

  5. If one believes that a family consisting of both a mom and dad is a contributor to a child’s well being, then these numbers may confirm those beliefs. I don’t know the actual statistics, but I would guess that police calls, crimes reported, government assistance, juvenile dropouts, etc. would also be larger in the area with the low marriage numbers. I still do not understand the hype, publicity and anger from those who are trying to destroy the family unit…..and I never will.

  6. You left out many city neighbours. Very prejudes…….

  7. Don’t see 14609 up there

    • December 8, 2012 at 1:15 am Rachel Barnhart responds:

      Right. 14609 fell below 50% marriage and college degrees. I should have said that was my threshold. Next time I will make a spreadsheet and post all data, which wouldn’t be too time consuming. My apologies.

  8. December 8, 2012 at 2:58 am Edward Richards responds:

    Seemingly, all the places mentioned having the best marraige rates have the best schools and graduation rates. Afterall, it takes a village to raise a child.

    And excuse me, Irondequoit?! Come On! What Irondequoit are we talking about? Sort of like asking what Rochester.

    Irondequoit. (shaking my head)

    Irondequoit. (shaking my head)

  9. 14609 is shared by a huge area of the city which is very rough and a large area of East Irondequoit. Irondequoit has 3 zipcodes. I think 14622 is more representative of all of the town as 14617 is West Irondequoit schools only and God knows West Irondequoit loves to toot it’s own horn.
    Feel free to compare visually:

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