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Prime Time Brass at Liberty Pole Lighting in 2009


On Saturday evening, the mayor will light the Liberty Pole:

Fun starts at 4:30 p.m. outdoors at the Liberty Pole, with music from the School #54 Chorus and Prime Time Brass! Mayor Richards and Santa will flip the switch to light up the Liberty Pole at 5 p.m. Then join the Mayor, Santa, holiday characters, an old time trolley, fire truck and sports mascots in a parade to Manhattan Square Park for fireworks, horse drawn wagon rides, free ice skating (limited $3 skate rental), dj music and more! The old time trolley will be available to bring you back to area parking garages and parking lots!

It’s a tradition started under Bob Duffy that ended up replacing the lighting of the Midtown Christmas tree.

It’s a very nice tradition, but who among the crowd won’t long for the old days? Admit it, you still get misty thinking about the Monorail, Magic Mountain, Clock of Nations and the reindeer at Sibley’s.

I like that the city is creating new downtown memories. But allow us a moment of nostalgia. We’ll feel the twinge every year at the holidays.

Midtown Plaza, 2007


Links of the Day:

– The Mt. Hope neighborhood has secured changes to the design of the Barnes & Noble going into College Town.

– A drive to unionize fast food workers has begun in New York City. One man has been working at McDonald’s for three years and still earns only $8 an hour.

– Imagine going to the bank and not having to wait in line. Want some coffee to go with your deposit? The future of “counterless” retail has arrived in the Albany area.

– An Albany airport invokes “safety concerns” in a bid to prevent people from handing out flyers. Didn’t you know? Leaflets are dangerous!

– We’ve heard of “Drug Free Zones.” In Syracuse, someone put a sign saying “Free Drug Zone.”

One Response to Nostalgia Has Arrived

  1. November 29, 2012 at 10:50 pm RaChaCha responds:

    I volunteered for the last Christmas event at Midtown, which was followed by the Liberty Pole lighting, and I ended up in the Rudolph costume. Whenever a kid would high-five me, I would make the nose light up. For a couple hours I was more popular than Mayor Duffy!

    Occasionally I would come across an adult I knew and greet them by name, and I still get a chuckle thinking about the confused looks on their faces at being addressed by name by a reindeer not of their formal acquaintance 😀 Later when we were getting the costumes off, the City’s then-Special Events Coordinator, Lorie Barnum, told me someone came to her saying “how does Rudolph know my name?!”

    Nostalgia? Heck, yeah.

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