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I love Rochester’s commitment to public art. 

Art beautifies neighborhoods, raises property values and makes us think.

The city is seeking submissions for public art at Erie Harbor. The city has dramatically improved the stretch of riverfront heading south out of downtown. There are new apartments. (Some would say the paint job is art, itself.) A pedestrian walk and park are under construction.

The city plans to install up to three large pieces of art in the area. The cost is $150,000, to be paid for by state and local funds. The contest is open to artists who have produced prior works.

Links of the Day:

– A poll shows Louise Slaughter has regained her 10 point lead over Maggie Brooks. A friend says this is Maggie Brooks’ “Bill Johnson” moment.

– In the aftermath of students getting pepper sprayed by police downtown, the police union says when dispersing crowds, even retreating people get sprayed to make sure they don’t come back.

– Hurricane Sandy’s impact will be felt by all New Yorkers. State tax revenue will take a huge hit.

– A sweet parking deal given to Rochester businessman David Flaum in Syracuse is criticized. (On a related note, why doesn’t Monroe County have a comptroller?)

– Ten percent of the nation’s malls are expected to fail in the next few years.

Carrots are really popular.


4 Responses to Calling All Artists

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  2. I am so happy to hear they’re fixing up Genesee Gateway Park. The place is so forlorn and neglected. (What’s with those random, busted-up concrete columns near Mt. Hope?) I just hope the new design keeps the basketball court and picnic benches, because those do get a lot of use. People like to fish there as well.

  3. Art is important. The best is inspirational in that it affirms one’s view of life as it could or ought to be. I am not disparaging art per se. The question is whether the public should be taxed for this project.

    Andrew Cuomo just petitioned the Feds for the money to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy. Get it? *The state is broke!* But it’s even worse than that: The nation is broke! And here we are paying for the installation of artwork?

    If your home was about to be foreclosed upon, would you go to an art gallery and charge a painting to hang over your couch?

    We must stop the insanity.

  4. November 1, 2012 at 12:26 pm jimmy combs responds:

    i like ELF’s response

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