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In a big show of support, the City of Rochester is seeking a consultant to design a a “world class, organic urban skatepark.” The consultant would also look at the feasibility of the plan to put a large skatepark on land to the east of the Freddie Sue Bridge, just south of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

The cost of the study is $50,000.

Roc City Skatepark, the nonprofit pushing the project, has not had much success raising funds. Initial plans called for a $2 million park. The consultant’s study will determine what the project will cost and if it’s doable.

The skatepark would go on land below a highway that wouldn’t have another purpose. Looking at all the kids doing their tricks at the Liberty Pole and Inner Loop, it’s clear they need a place to go. But garnering support for an expensive niche park might be difficult.

The study is expected to be finished in April.

15 Responses to Skatepark Study in Works

  1. October 25, 2012 at 8:10 pm Not a kodak fan responds:

    how about some ball fields or basketball courts, Much more bang for the buck

    • October 26, 2012 at 9:14 am Michael Pomeroy responds:

      Really? I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Rochester has skateboarders everywhere, but no skate park.
      I have seen lots of basketball courts and baseball fields (albeit in need of repair) that sit empty. So, we do one of two things, we convert some open space into something that will be utilized by the population as is, or we force the the population to change so we can spend less money on building a recreation space. The latter sounds impossible, thus I suggest supporting the skate park.

  2. October 25, 2012 at 9:03 pm lellingw responds:

    Remember it was more difficult for the County to fix a basketball court than it was to make a pickle ball court.

  3. October 25, 2012 at 10:59 pm Douglas A. Fisher responds:

    Manhattan Square Park is already an unofficial skate park. The City of Rochester has long talked of redesigning and rebuilding that park, which is located right next door to the Strong National Museum of Play.

    Future synergies with The Strong would be great! Groups of schoolchildren and others would often like to combine their museum visits with an outdoor picnic. But there is no adjoining picnic area. Nor any other “play” outlet adjoining the National Museum of Play.

    Skateboarding and picnicking would be very appropriate uses for that otherwise underutilized urban park.

    How very appropriate it would be to utilize design work for a skate park as a basis for the Manhattan Square Park redesign!

  4. October 26, 2012 at 9:02 am Arden Zollweg responds:

    The skatepark is completely doable. They have them in almost every city and town across America, though for mysterious reasons Western NY has been about ten years behind the curve. This project would bring in people of all ages to an otherwise (save perhaps for Dinosaur BBQ and bus stops) vacant and unused downtown. The cost is actually pretty minor for something that will bring so much life to the area. I hope Rochester can move into this century with the rest of America.

  5. The city of Rochester has already approved both the $50K and the $2M for this project.
    Rochester is far and away BEHIND other cities in the country for having access to safe and dedicated skate areas. What these communities have found after building their first skatepark was that skating is much much more popular than anyone realized (mostly because skaters have to hide their healthy activity). Austin for example, now has 6 skateparks and can’t build them fast enough. Two of them are two miles from each other! Houston is actually building one similar in size to the Rochester plan and at a cost of $5.5M…. Rochester is being left behind with closed minds and slow action. Manhattan Square Park would be a great way to dip our feet in and see just how popular this healthy activity really is. Besides, Rochester just spent $800,000 on Pickle Ball courts that only old white people use and even know what that is. Time to diversify and also realize it is not just kids that skate.

  6. I thought the city had NO MONEY? Why is it the same reporters one week report on how the city has NO MONEY, is in a deficit, and wants the state to pay them more tax dollars, then one week later report the city spending millions on a skate park and no questions are raised? Hey, I thought you guys were broke?
    Wouldn’t you question a friend who wanted you to give them money, and then went out to 2 vine for dinner three nights a week?

    Houston is way ahead of Roch in skate parks? Really? How many outdoor ICE skating rinks do they have in Houston.. or indoor ice rinks for that matter? Do they have a few beach parks as well? How many golf courses does the City of Houston have? Compare to size of city while you’re at it. For the size of our city we have a lot… an awful lot —but we are so far behind …sure. Don’t complain until you pay for it.

  7. October 26, 2012 at 2:35 pm Alan Presutti responds:

    I am not sure where the notion that the people that will be utilizing this park will not be paying for it too if it is funded by tax money. The project has been funded for four + years with grant money and donations from supporters. Most of the people seen around downtown riding skateboards/ blades or bikes live in the city or county. The children have families here and parents that own houses locally. Some of the adult participants own houses and work in the city too. When the children make purchases they support local business that pay taxes with the tax the kids were charged for thier product of choice. Within the City limits are multiple business that thrive off of the “extreme sport” market. So it looks too me like a lot of people are paying taxes and they also have a right to have it spent on things that they enjoy too. Everybody pays for projects that they may or may not need/like or benefit from. The more positive events/activities in the city the better.

    • October 26, 2012 at 5:31 pm Orielly responds:

      How many people will use it vs how many pay taxes for it?
      If its a no brainer that the people will pay for it let them. Wheres the business that’s opening up to meet that demand?

      It doesn’t matter who pays for it… GOVT has no money the CITY is broke the county barley balanced budget. If you want it payed by government propose a cut in services elsewhere to pay for it, And propose another cut cut in services to help balance the budget.
      I’ll offer one. Get Michelle Obama to stop taking separate Jumbo Jets on her taxpayer funded vacations, One time she left 2hr before the PREZ left on AF1. And she left 2 days before to go Hawaii. Estimates say she spent over 10M on private separate vacations

  8. I think this is a great idea. What else can we do with that vacant lot? And skating is indeed very popular in this city – I see the kids skating out there all the time in the street. It would be nice for them to have a safe place.

  9. If skating is so popular and the park is going to be so large the county should foot the bill. The city claims to be broke and cutting services to residents while it pays for free space that people from the county and entire metro region use. County chips is money or make it city residents only, the towns have no problem doing it to us.

    • The county, suburban residents included, support the city in many financial ways, from road building and maintenance, to support for city parks, MCC DT etc TODAY.

      City taxpayers do not pay any taxes for Burb Towns.

      IF you want the county to pay for the skate park then let the county decide if they want it or not. It takes a lot of brass.. b### to say you want something – as the city says here they want a skate park- but then demand the county (some one else) pay for it.

      Again like it or not the County is financially sound and the City isn’t. The reason? The city buys stuff it can’t pay for. Right out of the Obama playbook… and man aint he cool?

  10. Orielly,

    It might be good for you to get out of town (or more likely “the house”) once in a while… Go see the rest of the world.

    A County Taxpayer

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