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Lyell Ave. Wegmans

Links of the Day:

– What do you do when you want a Wegmans to move to town, but you don’t want more giant parking lots? Washington City Paper also hopes the chain is amenable to urban locations that might not necessarily be off highways:

Wegmans builds the way it has over the years because nobody’s asked it to do anything different. In the suburbs, everybody’s just thrilled to get their gourmet cheese bar. The District doesn’t have that kind of land to burn, but it’s also the most desirable urban market in the country, and it’s worth Wegmans’ while to make Washington their first experiment with an urban format store. If Walmart can learn mixed use, which it’s at least doing in some places, then anybody can.

Wegmans is experimenting with an urban model in Newton, Massachusetts. The City of Rochester took a lot of heat over pushback against the Wegmans East Ave. plans, but big box designs don’t necessarily fit into urban locations.

Meanwhile, Wegmans announced it is locating in Central Virginia for the usual reasons (emphasis added):

(Wegmans spokesperson) Colleluori said the company is concentrating on two markets — the Mid Atlantic and New England — and typically looks for two elements when considering new locations, a large piece of property and a strong, existing road infrastructure network.

There’s a reason Wegmans doesn’t have an apostrophe in its name.

– When a judge ruled against Kodak’s patent claim recently, the value of its patent portfolio may have fallen by more than $1 billion.

– Syracuse’s mayor has a shadow payroll to avoid civil service laws. She hides workers on the economic development agency payroll. Some of them are relatives and political supporters. The Post-Standard reports:

“I am proud that I’ve gotten the caliber of person who has wanted to be associated with me in this administration,” (Mayor Stephanie) Miner said. “And the fact that they are related to people who happen to be my supporters or my family, I will not hold against them. It’s the nature of living in a small city.”

– A Henrietta couple struggling to pay a subprime mortgage tried and failed to get help from federal mortgage modification programs.

Crossing the street just got more interesting in the City of Rochester.

3 Responses to Bending Wegmans

  1. “take all the trees and put them in a tree museum”


  2. Re: ” A Henrietta couple struggling to pay a subprime mortgage”

    Looking at astoundingly high interest rate they stated in the story, and adding in the fact that after almost 30 years they have extraordinarily little equity ( owing $95K on a house currently valued at $130K – and it’s a good bet the original selling price in 1984 was a lot less than that ), there’s something significant missing from the story. You simply cannot be in that position without having taken out multiple large refinances or equity loans. It’s just not possible.

    So while their case is unfortunate, it sounds an awful lot like there’s something else going on with the decisions they made that the reporter isn’t telling us.

  3. Gee it’s to bad wegmans doesn’t want to do something in the urban city area were they started. They seem to have forgotten that this community got them were they are today…

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