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Links of the Day:

– Maggie Brooks is pro-life. The candidate for the 25th district congressional seat did not reveal to the Democrat and Chronicle how she would vote on abortion-related issues (or much else):

“I have not let social issues define my governing ability or style here in Monroe County and that would continue,” she said.

On abortion, Brooks said she has a “personal pro-life position” but that she governs for “everyone” and tries to balance different interests. Asked if she would seek to change access to abortion, Brooks said she wouldn’t talk about “hypotheticals.”

“Until you’re faced with a piece of legislation that has specific language and specific detail, I don’t think it’s fair to sit here and say I would or I wouldn’t,” she said. “Because most often it’s not a yes or no answer.

Meanwhile, Brooks’ opponent, Louise Slaughter, is co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus.

Brooks’ position on social issues could factor big into the race. One GOP insider told me “east side Monroe County Republican women” are very moderate and may not go for a pro-lifer. This person thought the abortion issue could bring a lot of outside campaign money into the race on both sides. Although Brooks hasn’t been very specific about her social views, we knew they were conservative after she opposed benefits for the same-sex spouses of county workers legally married in other states. (The county lost in court.)

I couldn’t find a poll about Monroe County voters’ views on abortion. But a recent Voice of the Voter poll showed local voters don’t place a huge premium on social and moral issues.

Could that change in this election?

– The Buffalo News opposes a downtown casino, saying local patrons would create local problems. The paper doubts it will be a tourist destination.

– Some states allow certain companies to keep the state income tax they collect from employees. Say what? Rochester’s own David Cay Johnston breaks it down.

– Should movie theaters charge more for hits and less for flops? Pricing based on demand seems so obvious, doesn’t it?

Maybe living together before marriage isn’t such a great idea.

6 Responses to Maggie Brooks on Abortion

  1. April 15, 2012 at 3:37 pm lynn ellingwood responds:

    Of course it matters. I don’t want the government to force women to carry pregnancies they don’t want. Women are already forced to pay for abortions even if they are indigent and society treats women andy children horribly when they are poor. A pregnant teenage girl is seen as a social problem by the government and the woman who carried 8 kids to term is harrassed and terrorized for having the kids. Women with no choice are social outcasts and often “pro-life” believers want to restrict birth control also. They are probably more likely to hats women with children in poverty too. I don’t see Maggie as the most sympathetic candidate for women in general.

  2. April 15, 2012 at 5:41 pm Patricia Mannix responds:

    “…local voters don’t place a huge premium on social and moral issues.” That sure does not speak well about our community. That may be why there is such disparity between the residents of the city and all the other Monroe County residents.
    As far a Brooks, how does she expect people to vote for her if they don’t know her position on anything they ask about. What is she, the secret candidate?

  3. Patricia,

    You do know that the parts of the country that do place a huge premium on social issues in their voting patterns have the same disparity between different socioeconomic groups? And that most in fact have bigger gaps? In any case there is a huge difference between not voting based on “moral” issues and not caring about moral issues.

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  5. April 16, 2012 at 10:11 am Catherine responds:

    The fact that Maggie is vague about her position is probably due to it being a losing position. If she comes forth as a pro-life candidate, she will probably lose based on that alone. I do not believe we are complacent on social issues in this community. If she comes forth as a pro-choice candidate, she will lose the support of the national GOP string-pullers and will probably lose on that front as well. I don’t see her as a strong candidate on any of the issues that will be deciding this election. She is secretive and there are the numerous misdeeds of her administration, (Robutrad and the Airport Authority being the most notorious)not to mention the smoke and mirrors behind her “flat tax” stance. This will be an interesting race and I believe the social issues will play a big role in it.

  6. April 16, 2012 at 1:37 pm Kevin Yost responds:

    Abortion is murder and unfair to the unborn child, unless the live of the mother is in danger. There are no two ways about it. Why kill the women, men, and children of tomorrow?

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