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Links of the Day:

– The Democrat and Chronicle reports that Assemblyman David Gantt appears to be the “lone driver of the mayoral control train.” No one – not even Lt. Governor Bob Duffy – is rushing in to fight round two of this debate. Excerpt:

 Leaving office a year ago, he said his successor — who was unknown at the time — should support such a change and that he, as lieutenant governor, would work from Albany to get the legislation passed in the Senate.

Meanwhile, Mayor Tom Richards has been silent. He didn’t return calls from the D&C or yours truly yesterday.

Update: Rochester’s Mayor penned an op-ed saying that he does not support mayoral control at this time. Tom Richards has yet to take reporter questions this week. Without Richards’ support, it seems the measure is effectively dead on arrival.

– I frequently get asked how many people are actually sleeping in Washington Square Park. We see the tents, but the place looks like a ghost town. I stopped by yesterday and got the answer.

Brighton came oh-so-close to dissolving the West Brighton Fire Department. The town contracted with the city for fire services, but will keep a small volunteer force in case the city crew is out on assignment. I wonder if this consolidation will be an anomaly or wave of the future.

A number of New York City entrepreneurs have come up with hangover remedies.

One Response to Updated: Gantt Stands Alone?

  1. Shorter David Gantt: If someone from the school board may be primarying me, I’ll preemptively run against the school board.

    Shorter Tom Richards: I’m not going to play footsie with Gantt like my predecessor. Be adults, people! (At the same time, I can’t afford to have the Gantt machine against me, so I won’t be interviewed live and risk saying something with which they’ll take umbrage.)

    Shorter Duffy: Mayoral control?? What’s that? I’m not mayor anymore. Good luck everyone!! Happy New Year!! [smiles, waves]

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