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More Links of the Day:

– Once a major postal center in Buffalo closes, intracity letters in Buffalo will be transported to Rochester’s Jefferson Road facility and then shipped back to Buffalo. Seems nuts, right?

Buffalo is fighting the move and the controversy is pitting one city against the other.

The Buffalo News obtained an internal study rationalizing the closure of the processing center:

It would cost $3.4 million less to operate Postal Service vehicles because of the Buffalo shutdown, the report said.

That would happen in part because the number of miles driven by Buffalo-based drivers would go from 495,873 to zero. Strangely, though, the number of miles driven by Rochester-based drivers would remain the same at 404,161, while costs there would go up by a mere $48,917.

That would seem to indicate that the Postal Service will rely on contractors to ship mail from Buffalo to Rochester and back again — but the report says it will save money on delivery contractors as well.

The agency is counting on $2 million in savings from delivery contractors in Buffalo — while paying only $409,774 more to delivery contractors in Rochester.

So where is the accounting for the shipping of all that Buffalo mail to Rochester and back again every day?

The Postal Service isn’t saying, but (spokeswoman Karen) Mazurkiewicz insisted that the Buffalo closure would trim costs overall for the Postal Service.


Rochester was chosen for the expansion because its location is more central than Buffalo’s, but (Rep. Brian) Higgins said a comparative analysis should have been done weighing the pros and cons of closing either facility.

Without that, the study “is devoid of integrity,” he said. “It’s devoid of credibility because it’s devoid of any kind of comparative analysis.”

– Wegmans is accused of trying to circumvent New Jersey liquor license rules by having family members take out permits.

– I love roundabouts, primarily because you don’t have to wait at traffic lights and everyone has to drive slow. Downtown Rochester is getting one at a fairly complicated intersection near HSBC Plaza.

– Is the GOP obsessed with women’s private parts? A Washington Post columnist runs down the evidence and comes up with this gem:

“If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d [expletive] a senator.”

– Wendy’s restaurants are getting a new sleek look. Just don’t mess with the Frosty.

– There’s a house that looks like a peppermint candy.