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Skyline - featured 220X165A report from the Brookings Institution on advanced industry has scary and encouraging news for Rochester.

Brookings defines advanced industry as 50 industries within manufacturing, energy and services. These include areospace products and parts, motor vehicles, data processing and architecture and engineering. Brookings finds these sectors extremely important because workers earn much more money and contribute far more to gross domestic product than other workers.

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Rank Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse in terms of where you think is the best place for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) workers.

Does Syracuse top ANYONE’S list?

No way.

But WalletHub put Syracuse way of ahead of Buffalo and Rochester on its “Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Workers list.”

Syracuse ranked 36th, Buffalo 58th and Rochester 78th.

How does Rochester, home to Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester, as well as a host of technology-related companies, fall short? Continue reading

Source: Brookings Institution

Source: Brookings Institution


Rochester is doing pretty well when it comes to high tech jobs. Brookings Institution found Rochester ranks among top one-third of metros in percentage of STEM jobs. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Brookings decided to include STEM jobs that require technical skill, but do not require a bachelor’s degree, such as machinists and auto techs.

The chart above makes it clear why we care so much about STEM jobs. They pay more. The people in STEM jobs also invent things. These innovators are crucial to growing companies.

This is why I wish our local and state government would focus more on attracting STEM jobs than casino, retail and call center jobs.

(Buffalo is not so hot on the STEM front.)

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– “There is no saving me.” Edward Snowden knew the risks.

– Booz Allen employs 25,000. Nearly half have top secret security clearances.

Has the United States become the type of nation from which you have to seek asylum?

– Joining the ACC is a financial windfall for Syracuse University athletics.

– “Across the country, schools & school districts are overreacting to risk.”

Links of the Day:

– In a region with a history of technological innovation, we are falling short in producing high school graduates well-versed in math, science, engineering and technology (STEM).

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the best high schools in the country. The magazine also ranked the best STEM schools, using a slightly different methodology. The STEM rankings relied more heavily on the test results.

Here are the schools that made the cut:

  • Pittsford Sutherland #66
  • Brighton #127
  • Pittsford Mendon #175
  • Honeoye Falls-Lima #181

If our region will continue to be a center of innovation, we need to produce high school and college graduates who specialize in STEM. These are the highly-skilled people who invent things, earn more money and create jobs. But we don’t have enough of them, U.S. News reports:

While demand for workers skilled in STEM is expected to continue climbing, the number of students pursuing STEM degrees has dropped, according to an April 2012 report released by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee.

“Despite the clear demand for STEM talent by domestic employers, the U.S. is failing to produce an ample supply of workers to meet the growing needs of both STEM and non-STEM employers,” the report states.

The state is exploring offering STEM and career and technology high school diplomas.

– Buffalo’s superintendent search process mirrors Rochester’s. There are concerns over the quality of candidates, secret meetings and favoritism.

– How often do you see someone in a public job take a stand and resign? Buffalo’s civil service head resigned rather than accept documents that may have been post-dated to force new workers into the new, less generous pension tier.

– The state will pay $3 million to Onondaga Nation members roughed up by troopers during a protest in 1997.

How much are U.S. drug addicts to blame for the Mexican cartel violence?

He was a college freshman at age 9 and got his medical degree at age 21.