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We’re getting a better idea of what a new Rochester skatepark could look like. It’s slated to go under the Freddie Sue Bridge along South Ave.

The Rochester Business Journal linked to renderings of the site and a video fly through.

Final cost estimates are not in, but the city’s capital improvement plan calls for spending $2 million in 2015. It would be the largest skatepark in North America.

Links of the Day:

– The NTSB’s vote to lower the BAC threshold for drunk driving will be a tough sell to states. The restaurant industry is already up in arms.

– Dead silence from Rochester City Hall about businesses that lost money during the Spider-Man shoot. I filed a Freedom of Information request for all contracts and documents between the city and movie and have been ignored.

A Manhattan Square Park mural was erased.

– Mario Williams’ ex-fiance filed a countersuit, saying he’s a jerk who kept breaking up with her.

– The Rochester Public Library is hosting an exhibit on Negro League Baseball. Turns out, a library security guard used to play in the league.

– Sno Kone Joe v. Mr. Ding-a-Ling is now in a courtroom. Best. Case. Ever.

I am struggling to find a single blog topic today, so here’s a hodgepodge of stuff that caught my eye:

Big housing project on University Avenue planned:

Rochester’s Preservation Board is taking up a proposal to build a large apartment complex where a VFW post now stands. The property is in the East Avenue Preservation District and backs up to the George Eastman House site. The meeting agenda says Bob Morgan of Morgan Management wants:

To remove a 2-story, veterans clubhouse building, a surface parking lot and existing landscaping; construct a 4-story, 174,000sf, 110-unit apartment building with a 118-space 1st floor parking garage, a 3400sf veterans clubhouse building and 21 surface parking spaces.

Google Street View

Google Street View


City to hire camera maintenance firm:

survillance-security-camera2Rochester City Council has been asked to approve a $220,000 annual contract with an Illinois company to maintain its citywide surveillance camera system. According to the legislation, 20 to 30 percent of the city’s 173 cameras are not functioning at any given time. Two officers are devoted to fixing them nearly full time. The camera system, meant to deter crime and catch criminals, went live in 2009. Thirty more cameras are planned this year. It’s an expensive program to maintain, but also to staff. Several employees and a supervisor are monitoring the cameras.


Skatepark moves forward:

Rochester City Council will consider hiring Stantec to design a skatepark proposed for an area off South Avenue under the Freddie Sue Bridge. The skatepark has been in the works for some time.

Skatepark site


Weird novel set in Rochester:

The New York Times reviewed a book set in Rochester written by Flower City native Bill Peters. It’s got a strange title and an even stranger website. “Maverick Jetpants in the City of Quality” is about a guy named Nate. The NYT writes:

He lives with his mother and her current squeeze, “Fake Dad No. 3.” Mostly, he drifts and looks for work in a somewhat desultory fashion. His ambition, such as it is, is to join his best friend, Necro (né Andrea: “Everyone in Rochester is Italians”), at Kodak, the firm that made Rochester famous. But it’s 1999, and the prospects are bleak for old-fashioned companies like Kodak and for Rust Belt cities like Rochester, whose nickname hasn’t been “City of Quality” since the 1960s.

All of a sudden, a bunch of downtown buildings are set on fire. The book website indicates garbage plates make an appearance.

Links of the Day:

The $7.4 million Brinks heist was 20 years ago today.

A Buffalo church is coming down. Meanwhile, there are plans to redevelop a historic Syracuse church. 

– A British paper writes about the “shell” of Niagara Falls, New York.

– There’s no evidence that having more equates to a safer society. The opposite is likely true.

– The United States lost more government jobs under Obama than any president since WWII ended.

– The word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious may have originated in Syracuse.