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Cornerstone Park


A small, forgotten park in downtown Rochester is about to get much-needed upgrades. 

The city put out a Request for Proposals to revamp Cornerstone Park. It opened in 1977 on the corner of Broad and Stone. Rochester Telephone was supposed to maintain the park.

Cornerstone ParkDuring a recent visit, I tripped on the uneven pavement. There are a lot of weeds. The water fountain is barely recognizable. The RFP says:

The park has deteriorated over the past 30 years. The fountain has not functioned in over a decade, the timber seating walls have rotted, the pavement is unstable, and the plantings are in decline. Rochester Telephone, now Frontier Communications, is no longer involved in park maintenance. At present the park is maintained by City of Rochester Downtown Special Services personnel in conjunction with volunteers from the Rochester Downtown Host Lions Club.

The project is expected to cost $725,000, funded in part through a state grant.


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Links of the Day:

– Rochester scores very well on a national study of urban parks by the Trust for Public Land. (Hat tip to Atlantic Cities.)

Facts about our parks:

– Rochester has 1,501 acres of parkland within city limits, covering 6.7 percent of city land.

– Washington Square Park is among the country’s oldest, established in 1817.

– Rochester has 82 ball diamonds, or 4 diamonds per 1,000 residents. That puts Rochester among the top 10 cities in the country.

– Rochester has 2.2 park playgrounds per 1,000 residents. That’s about at the median for cities across the country.

– Rochester spends $56 per residents on parks and recreation, below the country’s median of $84.

– Regional price disparities in gasoline mainly have to do with transporting the fuel. That’s unlikely to change.

– The Democrat and Chronicle chose not to run Doonesbury’s cartoon about abortion. But it did run it – online. This is an example of an artificial and pointless print and digital divide. It makes no sense to censor something that’s available widely online – or on Doonesbury’s website. Either run it – or don’t.

Feral pigs are invading Upstate New York.

– Conan O’Brien ran a piece that makes local TV news seem truly ridiculous.