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I’ve blogged several times about the need to create a link between Frontier Field and Sahlen’s Stadium. The baseball and soccer stadiums are so close, yet so far apart. I think a stadium district would promote both assets.

A plan is in the works that would at last start to connect the stadiums. The city has issued a request for proposals to expand the Genesee Riverway Trail through High Falls, Brown Square and JOSANA. This would be a rails-to-trails conversion, as CSX is abandoning track between Oak and Hague St.

Linking in the two stadiums is not the primary reason the city is studying the trail’s feasibility.  There is low car ownership in JOSANA, and the city identifies Lyell Ave., between Dewey and Murray as a “hot spot” for incidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

But a nicely-landscaped trail could help build a bridge between the stadiums, making people more comfortable with Sahlen’s location. Perhaps it could be lit and staffed on game nights.

In related news, the city is holding a meeting on its bicycle boulevards plan Tuesday.


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We’ve often talked about the neighborhood surrounding Sahlen’s Stadium as a perceived barrier to drawing more visitors. It’s been proven time and again if stadium offers great programming, people have no hesitation going, but the perception problems remain.

The neighborhood, called JOSANA, has been gradually improving over time. A new public square and garden have been built. Habitat for Humanity has built about 40 homes. Cornerstone is building more. Now the city is putting 29 lots up for sale. Some are in the stadium’s sight line.

JOSANAThe city has issued a Request for Proposals for the 29 lots. The city is hoping for affordable housing, including single family homes. If nothing else. the RFP will gauge developer interest. There might not be any. That’s because the area is incredibly poor.

According to a 2010 market study, there are 2,930 residents of JOSANA and slightly less than 1,000 households. The population is dropping. The media family income is $20,800. The per capita income is $9,250. Nearly half of households don’t own cars. The housing stock is very old, with two-thirds having been built before 1939.

Make no mistake, this is an effort to rebuild and save a neighborhood. The proposals are due in March.

Links of the Day:

– The guy who closed Scotch ‘N Sirloin in Rochester blames our economy and competition.

– He ran for governor. Now he may run for school board. Carl Paladino wants to take out a “bunch of incompetents.”

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