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rouletteA source called me last night and said, “Don’t believe anything you read about the Henrietta casino.”

This is far from a done deal.¬†Flaum (who’s donated $99,000 to Cuomo) has been hired by the Senecas to find a casino site in Henrietta. The Senecas have exclusive rights to a casino in Rochester. Flaum and the Senecas refused to take questions after sending out a super-vague press release.

Here’s what I would ask: Mr. Flaum, do you have a contract with the Senecas that says you’re the exclusive developer of the Rochester area casino?

If he doesn’t, the door is wide open for others to squeak in. My guess is Scott Congel was livid at the Flaum/Seneca/Henrietta announcement. It’s no secret he wants a casino at Medley Centre.

(Batavia Downs and Finger Lakes have also got to be pretty upset with the prospect of a Rochester casino. There’s no question they would lose business.)

There are other reasons to be suspicious of this announcement:

– Henrietta Town Supervisor Mike Yudelson had no clue this was coming.

– Former Henrietta Supervisor Jim Breese doesn’t think there’s any town support for a casino.

– No specific location was identified.

– Asssemblyman Joe Morelle, who is part of the state legislature that must sign off on a new casino, would prefer it locate in the city.

– Mayor Tom Richards is no fan of casinos.

– The state compact with the Senecas doesn’t allow a Rochester casino.

– The federal government would have to sign off.

Finally, did anyone feel any excitement after yesterday’s announcement? Very few people seemed to be jumping up and down with joy at the prospect of a casino in…Henrietta.

This trial balloon may have already started to deflate.


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