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Bausch + Lomb logoWe know more today about why Bausch + Lomb’s new owner, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, decided to move its headquarters from Rochester to New Jersey.

New Jersey offered a whopping $39.5 million grant to Valeant to make the move. The company has 274 jobs in Bridgewater right now. Moving the headquarters will add another 500 jobs.

Valeant has revenue of $3.55 billion.

Meanwhile, after B+L laid off 400 people in Rochester as part of this headquarters shuffle, New York State offered the company about $12 million in incentives to get B+L to manufacture a contact lens line in Rochester and hire 100 people back. Rochester Gas & Electric chipped in $1 million.


Congress should outlaw these kinds of bribes that harm communities, workers and taxpayers.


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Can someone explain to me why I-Square is getting a $2 million state grant? This project has already started construction, meaning the bank awarded financing based on a plan that did not include these funds. If there are changes or cost overruns, shouldn’t the public have been told? And why do we have to foot the bill? See the full list of Regional Economic Development Council pork here.

– Rush-Henrietta’s superintendent wrote an amazing letter spelling out why tax breaks for malls are not economic development.

Wilmorite head Tom Wilmot wants to build a casino in Seneca County.

– Rochester developer David Flaum wants to build a casino in Albany, as well as Henrietta and the Catskills.

– Governor Cuomo is against legalizing pot, but the movement among lawmakers is growing.

– City Councilman Adam McFadden was shot as a teen gang member.

– I’ve become a big fan of CBS This Morning. It’s an actual news show – by design.

– A mystery manuscript found in Rochester was written by a black man in the Auburn prison in the 1850s.

– Megyn Kelly assures everyone Santa is white. Um, Santa isn’t real.


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As Bausch + Lomb prepares to move its headquarters to New Jersey, let’s remember days gone by.


Bausch + Lomb, which started in the Reynolds Arcade Building, built this factory in 1874 at St. Paul and Vincent. It was torn down in 1977.


The St. Paul factory had many additions by 1899. when this photo was taken. About 1,000 people worked there at the time.


Glass plant on Genesee River in 1915. It produced optical glass needed for World War I.


St. Paul St., ca. 1930-1955


Postcard featuring St. Paul plant.




Aerial view of St. Paul plant


Edison Tech High School located in B + L building, 1935


Edward Bausch, son of company founder,donated his East Ave. mansion and grounds to what would be the Rochester Museum and Science Center.


B + L built a $50 million headquarters downtown that opened in 1995.



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Since 2000, the Rochester area has lost more than 18,000 jobs. 

– Great story of what happened when Syracuse man discovered his father’s World War II uniform was put in the trash.

– Here’s the lunacy of state rules under No Child Left Behind: More than 2,000 Buffalo students request transfers from their failing schools. Somehow, the district is required to honor those requests.

– The New York State lottery still hasn’t paid the Syracuse man who had his $5 million ticket stolen by store owners.

– A Gannett newspaper plans to charge subscribers different rates, like cable companies do. Could this happen to the D&C?

Germany promises daycare to all parents.

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– Bausch + Lomb’s CEO talked to the Wall Street Journal about his two-year tenure. Brent Saunders said when he arrived in Rochester, he introduced himself at headquarters and hit the road with sales staff and attended conferences.

The goal: to figure out what had gone wrong at the iconic eye-care products maker.


Eventually, Mr. Saunders says he realized that fixing Bausch would require mending the company’s fragmented bureaucracy and lessening its reliance on the contact lenses and cleaning solutions that Bausch was known for. “It was a company stuck in the mud,” he recalls.

Today, Mr. Saunders says Bausch has turned the corner.

Saunders moved staff out of downtown’s B+L building and back to N. Goodman St. The company is shifting away from relying on contact lenses to expanding pharmaceuticals and surgical products. B+L to may go public again.

– Could we see a 2016 presidential primary featuring Andrew Cuomo versus Hillary Clinton? Politico asks the question:

The not-so-idle chatter has real-world impact in New York political circles, raising the tantalizing possibility of a civil war among the state’s two biggest political titans in 2016. If Clinton does decide to run, will Cuomo — driven, politically popular and keenly aware of strong political moments — also barrel ahead? Or will Clinton, with her national network of donors and base of support, clear the field?

“I think he’ll think twice about going against her,” predicted Bill Lynch, a former deputy mayor under New York’s first black mayor, David Dinkins, and a longtime ally of the Clintons. “He’s still a young man and could wait around awhile.”

– A list of the state’s top tax scofflaws features East End bar owner Ronnie Davis. He has complained about state tax audits of restaurants.

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