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WarrenOnly 22 percent of voters in the City of Rochester came out on Election Day. That compares to 29 percent in 2011, the last race for county executive. That’s about 6,400 fewer voters, an astonishing drop.

Can’t blame the weather. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

The county executive contest was the main reason for city Democrats to go to the polls. The citywide races were won in the primary, as Democrats outnumber Republicans in the city 6 to 1.

Maybe Sandy Frankel wasn’t the most exciting candidate, but she suffered from a weak party. The local Democrats are deeply divided. The party has a limited get-out-the-vote operation and limited funds. Mayor Lovely Warren does have a get-out-the-vote operation and a huge campaign account. But she won’t lift a finger to help. She let Sandy Frankel twist in the wind.

Doing the math, if city voters turned out at the same rate as the towns, another 8,200 people would have voted. That’s not enough to have changed the outcome in the county executive race, even if all voted for Frankel. But city voters can make a difference in countywide elections. Rep. Louise Slaughter lost the suburbs, but won the city and was able to keep her seat.

The following is a post-election Twitter exchange with several local journalists.  It discusses whether the state of the local party is to blame for Democratic losses and whether Mayor Warren is obligated to help right the ship.




What accounts for the horrible showing on Election Day?





35 Responses to The Day the City Stayed Home

  1. Like Andrew Cuomo, Mario Cuomo, Joe Morelle (every politician EVER), Warren’s priority is herself. Politicians are self-interested seekers of re-election. It does Warren no favors to help a white Jewish septuagenarian who detests the city as much as anyone else who lives in the suburbs, to become the county executive. It would give her a challenger as the ranking Democrat in Monroe County. It IS interesting how weak Warren’s efforts were to primary Ellen Clifford in the Northwest District race, since the latter has no interest in the Northwest District, to the point of her alleged residence not even having a Certificate of Occupancy on file for it. But if Clifford runs against Warren in 2 years, I bet she’ll lose.;

  2. November 4, 2015 at 6:33 pm Andrew Zibuck responds:

    Rachel (or anyone I suppose), can you say more about this: “Remember this: Mayor wants the party in disarray. Helps her candidates and her coffers.” I can see Sean’s point in the first comment that LW wants to be the top Dem in the county, but how does disarray help her as mayor, or in doing anything for the city? Her candidates? You mean, disarray helps her fix (so to speak) City Council? If not, what candidates? Coffers? The one tweet says she has $300K, is that alot? How does disarray help her fund raise? Thanks.

    –ex-City, current Brighton resident

    • November 5, 2015 at 9:30 am Rachel Barnhart responds:

      No other Democrats besides Joe Morelle has as much in their campaign account as Lovely Warren.

      She benefits by having a party in disarray. She can have her own fundraising ball and rake in more cash than the party. She doesn’t have to spread her cash around. She can help her own hand-picked candidates get elected.

      As for a Republican county executive, that also helps her. Gentleman’s agreement: You handle county and I handle city and we stay out of each other’s way. Power.

    • When people speak of disarray, they mean in a political context, not a governmental one. Politically the Democratic Party is fatally divided between the city (African-American) wing, led by Assemblyman David Gantt and Warren and the suburban (white) wing led by Assemblyman Joe Morelle, Ellen Clifford, etc. By dividing the party, Warren is able to conquer and maintain her status as the top elected Democrat in Monroe County as the mayor of Rochester, which carries with it prestige and a number of patronage jobs. Her faction’s candidates for offices in the city (City Council, County Legislature, School Board, Party Committee seats) will go unchallenged or be able to turn back weak challengers put up as proxies by the white suburban wing b/c they won’t have credibility and enough votes to win.
      $300,000 is an enormous sum of money for a local candidate. The Monroe County Democratic Committee had $33,000 on hand as of late October, for its operations and to support all of its candidates. So hypothetically let’s say M.C.D.C. pays its chair $15,000, its political director $10,000 and $3,000 in rent (these are all purely examples, I have no idea how much any of this actually is). That would mean M.C.D.C. would have $5,000 left to donate to candidates for all of it’s races for town supervisors, town boards, village boards, county legislature, judicial races, etc. Paltry. Most campaigns raise money independently of the local party but it helps to have a strong party fundraising machine. The Monroe County Republican Committee at the same time had $470,000 on hand. Gee, wonder why they won everything. If Warren had given a fraction of her war chest to the Democratic Committee, it could have helped enormously. $300,000 is more attune to what a state Assembly or Senate candidate would have on hand and would be a fair amount for a U.S. House candidate to raise in a quarter (usually competitive congressional races run to $2 million-$4 million–Louise Slaughter raised $2.2 million in 2012).

  3. November 4, 2015 at 7:26 pm John Moriello responds:

    The Republicans are mostly immune to internal squabbling because there are sufficient riches to be carved up in the suburbs.

    The Dem factions have become desperate to win the intra-party battle because the all want to snag 100% of the ever-shrinking city pie. They just never got around to making inroads in most of the inner-ring suburbs, never mind Webster, Perinton, etc. Brighton is the exception, though they also score wins from time to time in Irondequoit.

    Gates was there for the taking in Esposito’s last two terms. Now, Mark Assini has the town moving in the right direction and has raised his profile so impressively that Lovely Warren might very well never get her hands on Louise’s seat.

    Until they stop mailing it in when it comes to county lej races, they’re doomed to a life of relative obscurity. Unless I’m mistaken, the GOP is one seat away now from doing absolutely anything it wants in the legislature, including passing bond proposals

  4. So let me get this straight — there were less voters turning out in the city than the suburbs. Ok, fine. And the reason for this is due to the Dems not pushing to get more city voters out to vote? Hmmm….

    Did any Republicans get out to push the suburbs to vote? Nah, I think not… So what does this mean?

    It may mean that Dems need to stop relying on getting the uninformed and uneducated to vote and actually try to come up with actual reasons to have earned our vote. Blaming the mayor for this is just stupid.

  5. November 5, 2015 at 7:51 am Monkeytoe responds:

    What I find interesting is how concerned the reporters appear about the democrat vote and democrat electoral fortunes.

    I doubt there has ever been this kind of analysis or hand-wringing when voting was light in the suburbs and republicans lost close races. No, in those cases the reporters frame the story as the strength of the democrats. When republicans win, the story is about democrat disarray and when republicans lose the story is about how great the democrats are.

    Something for these alleged “objective” journalists to consider, no?

    • November 5, 2015 at 8:53 am Andrew Zibuck responds:

      This seems a factless, proofless assertion. You “doubt” this because there is no evidence any of your theoreticals ever happened.

      • November 5, 2015 at 1:56 pm Monkeytoe responds:

        It’s interesting how it is covered.

        Look, you can claim you aren’t biased, but the way you cover things and what you cover shows you are. Period.

        Maybe if you considered that once in awhile, you wouldn’t look so biased.

        Claiming you have no bias is absurd. Everyone has biases. And claiming you can somehow magically be above it and be completely objective is likewise absurd.

        You can claim you are just covering the “state of the party”, but again, those tweets bordered on breathless panic and this kind of coverage is reserved only for the dems. All bad nights for the GOP is covered by you as “Dems win” and all dem losses are covered as “Dems lose”.

        that’s not about what is newsworthy, but about who you think should win.

    • November 5, 2015 at 9:28 am Rachel Barnhart responds:

      Voter turnout is news. The state of our political parties is news. Period.

    • November 5, 2015 at 1:58 pm Monkeytoe responds:

      Stupid. I’m going off my memory of coverage. I don’t recall this type of coverage about the GOP party or worrying that the GOP won’t get it’s act together. People like Barhart only “worry” about the state of the local dems.

      Read the D&C or watch the local newscasts. the bias is overwhelming.

      • Maybe the “worry” isn’t necessarily “worry” but the idea that the Republican Party in Monroe County is very strong and the Democratic Party is weak and divided. They cover it from that perspective because it is true. I have detected far more “status quo” and “hometown” bias than pro-Democratic or anti-Republican. Maggie Brooks and Rich Funke were both anchors at 10NBC. Both are Republicans. Both received favorable coverage compared to their Democratic opponents in each of their races. Sandra Frankel was portrayed as shrill, irrational and out-of-touch. Ted O’Brien was portrayed as a big government Democrat (he was actually one of the most conservative Democrats in the state legislature). Mary McCombs on TWC News (YNN) is married to Joe Carbone, the Republican county legislator from Irondequoit. Media is corporate-biased, not Democratic or Republican. But too few people have more than a feeble grasp of critical thinking skills and logical reasoning, so they believe whatever is spoon-fed them by Fox News or talk radio. Grow up. When Lovely Warren’s uncle was caught speeding twice on the Thruway, then her deputy mayor was found to have driven under the influence, the media piled on her like a football tackle. If you want to live in a fantasy land cocooned from reality, by Fox News and Bob Lonsberry, go ahead. It’s a free country. Quit whining b/c reporters do their jobs, which is to ask critical, probing questions of those in power. The Republicans are in power and have been for what has seemed like time immemorial. The First Amendment of the Constitution that Republicans talk about all the time but have never read, call for a free press. That means they can study whatever issues they wish (and they often don’t study enough issues of corruption, waste and abuse by those in power, whether it is the Governor’s Office, the mayor of Rochester, the County Legislature or the police department. But do stop protesting so much about “poor Maggie” or “poor Cheryl” being “attacked’ by the media b/c they are simply doing THEIR JOB. Thank you!

  6. Maybe the Mayor didn’t back Frankel because she wasn’t the best candidate for the position.

    Let’s avoid voting straight party line and vote for the best candidate.

    By not crossing party lines it only ensures a division will always exist.

    I have a novel idea – on the ballot, list all candidates alphabetically (or randomly) and not by party. This way people will vote for someone who they feel is best, not just what party they signed up to run under.

    I never vote by party line and I think those who do are just ignorant sheep who are too lazy to look at the issues and make an informed decision that will have a definite impact on the future. We all have the right to vote. We also have the responsibility to know the issues and what we are voting for, before we exercise that right.

  7. November 5, 2015 at 10:11 am Some Guy responds:

    How much lower does turnout have to go before voting becomes the sole domain of government employees, government contractors, and all others with a lecherous role in society, just voting for their patron elected officials in this increasingly explicit theft-by-proxy scheme?

    Even the typically neo-con National Review has a youngster who seems to be starting to “get it”:


  8. November 5, 2015 at 2:59 pm KMannKoopa responds:

    Look at the 4 City Council Seats.

    East: 6739 votes
    Northeast: 2389 votes
    Northwest: 3586 votes
    South: 4739 votes

    The East District generally consists of most of the richer neighborhoods of the City (equally telling that the district with the 2nd most votes, the South is also second richest). They are

    Similarly, look at the county legislative races:
    Most of the districts seem to be in the 3500-4000 vote range (A big exception is the 13th district in Henrietta with 6655 votes).
    The two richest City Districts, the 23rd and 24th had turnout in this range. On the other hand the 22nd district had less than 1000 voters

    I think the low city turnout is due to poorer people not voting, and not necessarily that the City didn’t vote. Lovely Warren did show that could mobilize these voters in the City (she won despite losing the 23rd and 24th leg districts pretty handily). But, the Warren/Gannt vs. Morelle dispute continues…

  9. November 6, 2015 at 8:13 am Animule responds:

    The story of this election is not really the low percentage of voters in the city of Rochester. This sort of thing has been going on for some time, and the lack of civic engagement for city-based working class voters was covered in great depth by Charles Murray in the book “Coming Apart” that was published several years ago. Neither is the story the Republican wipeout of county Democrats on election night. The real story of this election is the left-leaning media’s full validation (the day after the election) of the Republican party’s recent method of running and managing local elections.

    The Republican party has tried to limit media exposure for its candidates during the election cycle. Exposure that does take place is timed to coincide with the peak in ad spending so that any potential negative messages from the media are buried in the noise of the ad push in the lead up to election day. The local media’s focus on trying to spin the Democratic wipeout as a consequence of lack of turnout in the city actually validates the Republican party’s approach. The Republican party has chosen to go over the top of the local media, reaching out directly to voters and this strategy is at least partly based on the belief that Republican candidates will not get a fair shake from the local media. The tweets by local media movers and shakers like Gary Craig, Evan Dawson, Christine Fien, Meaghan McDermott and yourself are revealing in their sympathy for the Democrat party in that they basically prove that the Republican election strategy is correct.

    Let’s flip this for a second. If Republicans lost big because suburban and rural voters stayed home rather than voting, what are the odds that this would have been the focus of “day after” stories from the local media? I would put the odds at about zero. The local media would more than likely be writing stories about the superiority of the Democrat message relative to the Republican message. The inner workings of the local Democrat party matters only to the party faithful; to be honest, I can’t remember a single media story about the inner workings of the Republican party, ever. Maybe, just maybe, in the case of the just passed election, city voters looked at the menu and found nothing appealing. I find it telling that in a county that has the highest property taxes in the entire country on a percentage of real estate value basis that the local press spent more time asking the Republican candidate about global warming than about doing anything to cut spending. Why is merely keeping property taxes flat seen as some kind of victory? How come neither candidate made LOWERING property taxes and LOWERING total government spending an issue?

    • No. The reason the media do not cover disarray in the local Republican Party is that there is virtually none of it. They are in lockstep with each other, usually working out disagreements in private and rarely running primaries against each other. The local Democratic Party on the hand is vocally and visibly divided and continuously at war with itself. Joe Morelle tried (without great success) to keep a lid on things when he was chair but since he stepped aside, all bloody hell has broken loose. The issue is that we should have two competitive parties in this area. Without it, you end up with one party running unchecked (look at the Rochester City Council and School Board) which creates arrogance, complacency and allows things to go unchecked (ROBUTARD, U.T.C., airport strippers and drunk driving, etc.) which wastes the taxpayer’s money.

    • November 9, 2015 at 3:06 pm Some Guy responds:

      “I find it telling that in a county that has the highest property taxes in the entire country on a percentage of real estate value basis that the local press spent more time asking the Republican candidate about global warming than about doing anything to cut spending. Why is merely keeping property taxes flat seen as some kind of victory? How come neither candidate made LOWERING property taxes and LOWERING total government spending an issue?”

      Excellent points. They’re promising to ‘only’ steal the amount they’re stealing now, not a penny more, and they want to be called leaders?

      The former head of the GAO just said what the economically literate (typically those who the national debt figure is a fraud, it’s not $18T, it’s $65T. It will be interesting to see what the rent-seekers in government do as the pace of economic collapse accelerates and their means to rob others disappears.

  10. brings to mind the Will Rogers quote…

    “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

  11. November 7, 2015 at 1:06 am orielly responds:

    One can only imagine the coverage by the local media had there been a division in the local REP party along racial lines. First it would be major ongoing story with numerous interviews with the AA side. (unlike what we have not seen reported (or hidden) with this DEM racial division) The AA side of the REPs would also be shown as cool, with it and progressive. The other side would be identified as “old white guys” and clearly ..if not said out right- insinuated, that the non AA REP side would have to be racists. Why else would there be a divide in the party?

    One of the posters here claimed Brooks got favorable local press coverage. Really? Ever read the paper and her interviews with “Editorial board”? Ever? There’s only about 12yrs of negative coverage. Compare media coverage of the REP Airport Director DWI with the vice mayor’s DWI and outcome. One fired on the spot the other continued to keep their job with little media push back. Mary McCombs husband is an elected REP…..OMG. And Jennifer Johnson’s husband, Mary Chao’s husband and Erica Bryants husbands are? Sure as heck not REPs.

    Local non profit leaders are constantly reported on, interviewed and idolized by the local press. Their opinions matter. Many are making 6 figures some 200K plus… and all are DEMs some former DEM leaders. THE bias and double standard of the local press is clearly identified by many …but never shown more clearly than by this blog.

    • And of course orielly, you’ve never met a Republican policy you didn’t like. Unblinking, unquestioning, uncritical. As someone who participates in and monitors non traditional media sites in the area (as a hobby) I can say that most of the Brooks administration’s scandals were broken by independent bloggers while the “mainstream” “liberal” media (as you claim) sat on it for literally months until the evidence was so overwhelming there was no choice but to report on it. The local media has their favorites: Brooks, Funke, Duffy, Morelle, Robach. Anyone who challenges them or criticizes them is ignored or given harsh treatment. It’s called the status quo for a reason. There are numerous stories of corruption, of good-old boy treatment, of police brutality. The mainstream media ignores it all or actively takes the status quo side. It’s part of the old Smugtown attitude. And enough people here are complacent in their own lives and their own selves that they don’t want change. They are perfectly content to let the same people run things for decades.
      Best to you.

      • November 7, 2015 at 12:44 pm Andrew Zibuck responds:

        Man, I thought this was unassailable, but oreilly went and assailed it anyway! You can’t disprove the Liberal media myth.

  12. simply amazing Sean. Did you ever listen to Paul Harvey? HE did a bit called…”and now you know the rest of the story” IF one is going to blog and complain about Mary McCombs a part time ( I believe) reporter for R news being connected through marriage to an elected REP should’t one also reveal the local DEMs at least 3 media marriage connections… or could it just be you didn’t know?

    The Brooks admin “scandals” were what? Fabricated by a highly partisan DEM NYS AG who was and is Idolized by the D&C. Much of it was thrown out in Court as it was determined the people had no case. His office connected with the local press to alert them to a public perp walk of Maggies Husband. They all covered it… But yea…. Maggie got tons of positive local press coverage.–right. An Airport director who mis-spent on his expense report. (happens every day in the private sector) but for Maggie its a scandal. An airport director gets a DWI…another Maggie “Scandal”. DWI of the Deputy Mayor or a DWI for a member of the very small in number Black Bar, and the mayor is a member but she claims she didn’t know about the DWI,…. when she hired him… those DWI’s are not “Scandals” ? And its Maggie that got positive press coverage?

    FOX news is bad? Why is it then that their ratings skyrocket during national and international news/tragedies events? They take viewers from CNN and MSNBC for those events why? Because even on the left viewers turn to FOX News to get a non partisan pro USA news report. What a concept.

    You don’t know me but you know, you claim, that I just blindly agree to all REP positions? REALLY? IF you can make blind judgement of my positions then I can for you as well and your side owns the 40yr mess thats called the RCSD… nice job.

    • Well first of all o’rielly, your mind is closed to views other than your own, unlike mine. I have seen your posts on this and other local Rochester blogs and what I have seen thus far, shows that you adhere lockstep to the Republican Party’s viewpoints. If you support abortion, same-sex marriage, unemployment assistance, etc., I yet to find any evidence for it. Unlike Benghazi, which was a terrorist attack, not an orchestrated conspiracy by Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal (both of whom I find useless and corrupt btw), the fact that over a dozen public employees worked on county officials’ homes and campaigns at taxpayer expense to the tune of over $1 million, is newsworthy and is scandalous, outrageous and criminal.
      The fact that the airport director paid for cigars and strippers on the taxpayers’ dime is also scandalous, outrageous and criminal.
      The fact that the next airport director was driving drunk in a county-owned vehicle (unlike the deputy mayor, who was in his own car on his own time) is likewise outrageous, scandalous and criminal.
      For what it is worth (not that you are likely to notice) if *I* had been the mayor of Rochester, I wouldn’t have accepted my deputy mayor’s resignation, I would have sacked him on the spot.
      The fact that the communications director of the county even HAS a county-owned car, which he allowed his drunk wife to drive home from a personal function is also scandalous and outrageous as is the fact that he called the Monroe County sheriff (who may be the last local Republican with a shred of integrity) to beg off the other deputy.
      The fact that the county executive’s husband was indicted by a grand jury for bid-rigging means that clearly there is evidence of it. Indictments require evidence. I am NOT saying he is guilty, he is innocent until the A.G.’s office proves otherwise. But he WAS indicted.
      And while we are on the subject of Margaret, she enjoyed making a career out of saying well she helped the taxpayer. I think she and her husband might revise that statement to how well they helped themselves to the taxpayer’s money (ie. MY money) to the tune of over $300,000 annually (Brooks’ salary of $120,000, her husband’s salary as Water Authority security chief of $123,000 and his pension of $60,000+).
      Of course Jennifer Johnson’s husband is Vinnie Esposito, we all know that. That doesn’t mean she is biased toward the Democrats anymore than Mary McCombs (whose husband is Joe Carbone) is biased toward the Republicans… but the latter is.
      However since your mind is clearly closed to new evidence and believes whatever nonsense it is spoon fed by the right wing noise machine, I will not engage you in further debate, since *I* have more valuable things to do with my time than play tit-for-tat with a troll.
      Best personal regards,

    • November 7, 2015 at 12:47 pm Andrew Zibuck responds:

      >…non partisan pro USA …

      Possibly the best oxymoron I’ve ever read. I plan to use this sarcastically every chance I get.

  13. November 7, 2015 at 3:59 pm orielly responds:

    If you have read my posts then you know I think Maggie’s husband should never have been hired in any public sector job associated with the county or REPs once he left his police job. How much pay they make or made from we the taxpayers is not their fault. Blame the politicians of both parties for lack of courage to control pay rates and pensions.

    People cheat on their expense report every day. If its a strip club, bars or cigars matters NOT- what matters is was it caught by the system? And was the person fired…yes. You cannot control what someone does with customers, you can control what they try to expense. You cannot control them 7/24 so they don’t drive drunk.
    You can set guide lines but you can’t stop them from breaking the rules….only enforce when they are caught.
    I am against urban suburban but pro vouchers and closing down the RCSD. Funny how the DEMs and likely you are against vouchers. They want to control the Billions wasted on not educating CSD kids. The money control is more important than the kids education. OH and keeping the teachers union in place for the party contributions is more important than educating the kids as well.

    Jennifer Johnson is not biased……in YOUR OPINION ….. guess you forgot that minor point

    Non partisan pro USA — way cool man you think that funny.
    I expect our press to not take sides with either political party when reporting the news, or to fairly represent both points of view. And I want them to be PRO USA, wanting our country to be successful and win on the world stage. I don’t want the press to inform our enemy an attack is coming or sharing confidential documents they came across with our enemies. I am sorry I had to explain that, and that anyone in this county does not understand the concept of being PRO AMERICAN.

    Ah and then the troll comment… well when you can’t win on the debate points then go to the name call….. troll and citing FOX news are the classics….and most non-creative… well done.

  14. You are seriously comparing a local election in a Podunk backwater in western NY to giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Do the predictable Republican thing: take two things which have nothing to do with one another because you can’t tell the difference, conflate them and cry hysterically about enemies and wave the flag to try to intimidate others. Unfortunately for you, I do not respond well to intimidation, threats are expensive and payment is very difficult to collect. Not that it is any of your business, but I was born at Strong Memorial Hospital, I have lived in the Rochester area almost all of my life and unlike many others, I stand at attention with my right hand in the appropriate place (over my heart) at the playing of the National Anthem, I march to the cemetery on Memorial Day with the color guard and thank every veteran I can find on Veterans Day (Wednesday this year). I pay taxes, despise Chuck Schumer who has never met a legislative proposal he didn’t want to become law, disdain Congress for looking out for the wealthy and well-connected instead of the people, I cut my grass, rake my leaves and unlike most, vote in every election I can. There is clearly no “winning” Charlie Sheen, because you hold a view that precludes the idea that anyone else could be correct and you could be wrong. Unlike you, who wants to gag opposition, I am at least willing to read the inane and illogical drivel that you come up with, even if I wouldn’t use it to line my cat’s liter box. And despite finding everything you write a waste of my time if it didn’t make me laugh, I continue to offer the best to you and yours (and may heaven help whomever has to live with you),
    Best to you,

    • Sean, read slower.
      The local election was NOT compared to giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
      I believe the comment was directed at the coverage the press gives to issues.
      Now, take a deep breath, have a cup of decaf and relax.

      (and where was the intimidation that triggered the comment on threats? I missed any threat that was made or insinuated.)

    • Tom,
      ‘ “…The press to inform our enemy an attack is coming or sharing confidential documents they came across with our enemies. I am sorry I had to explain that, and that anyone in this county does not understand the concept of being PRO AMERICAN” ‘.
      Perhaps you would care to explain in some detail how press coverage of local political races is the same thing as giving aid and comfort to the enemy? *I* am not an enemy, I am an ordinary American citizen. and the intimidation is the insinuation somehow that I am not “pro-American,” which can do terrible damage to a person’s reputation and borders on libel. I don’t drink decaf, I was born in this country, live in this country and am of this country. What I would like to know is when “The Democrat and Chronicle” passed on state secrets to ISIS or when Jennifer Johnson passed confidential national security documents to Al Qaeda as o’rielly claimed above.
      You learn to read more carefully and follow a simple argument.

      • Is it paranoia?
        He was referring to how the press covers issues. I don’t believe that YOU are the press. No intimidation was directed at you.
        You keep mentioning your citizenship when that has never been brought up by anyone else.
        Everything is not about you.
        Since I must read more carefully, please highlight the specific quote where you claim someone said “Jennifer Johnson passed confidential national security documents to Al Qaeda”.

        • November 10, 2015 at 5:04 pm Some Guy responds:

          Agreed, Tom. I think it’s safe to say on the matter of the recent whistleblowers at the NSA/DoD, oreilly and I are probably miles apart, but he’s accurately describing a pervasive problem of double-standards being applied to and by the media.

          Sean’s comments do reek of paranoia by asserting in such an absolute tone that Sean is the one capable of ‘open-mind’-edness on primary account of not being one to “adhere lockstep to the Republican Party’s viewpoints. If you support abortion, same-sex marriage, unemployment assistance, etc.”

          It’s a disingenuous ideological hubris that no viewpoint may necessarily ever be totally immune from, the ones that favor more statist views nonetheless tend to exhibit it in spades due to a prideful combination of not truly grasping the relatively simple concept of what rights are and where they derive from; and the view that what individuals choose not to do willfully that in no way infringes on the rights of another and are to be free from aggression by other individuals can somehow be “rightly” (sic) subjected to and subjugated by the aggression of others by such others when incorporated into an entity that calls itself a “government”, when it really acts as just a cleverly-disguised protection racket, not all that different from the mafia.

          What I find fascinating are all of these so-called “adults” who act as if some magical fairy dust called an “election” miraculously transforms the initiation of force, fraud, or coercion against others, absent their consent, so long as the aggressor is in some way the product of an election. In other words, government can only derive its just powers from the consent of the governed, yet some people simultaneously hold the belief that governments have powers that individuals themselves do not have, and therefore, can never have delegated to a government in the first place.

          Individuals who want to change others’ behaviors have two choices, force or reason. But only one of those choices can ever be legitimate; yet governments these days pretty much exclusively resort to the former. I know the founders’ never intended elections to be about doling out stolen loot, it was about the priorities of those who consented to participating in the process.

          So this puerile line of attack on people who on principle may oppose government exercising a whole range powers it can never have been lawfully given by the people in the first place, shows just how “open-minded” oreilly’s instant detractor truly is not if he is unable to envision how an individual might oppose abortion, same-sex marriage, and unemployment, and do so on account of rationally-exercised principles.

          • My, you certainly have the ability to compress the largest amount of words into the smallest amount of thought of anyone I’ve seen on this blog thus far. You managed to completely miss the point of what I wrote. Though you may have difficulty understanding what I write because it is simple, I certainly do not write that. But because you use superfluous words, I suppose I must bow to your superior vocabulary which reeks of desperation. Good luck to you in your anarchist society.

          • November 11, 2015 at 12:20 pm Some Guy responds:

            There’s an incredible difference between the present government predicated on coercion and the lawful, constitutional government predicated on consent. Right now, the rule of law barely applies to government, so there seems to be an “anarchy for me, but not for thee” bipartisan arrogance to government supremacists.

            If one cannot discern that the rule of law, i.e. Constitutionally-limited government, is not in any way a form of anarchy, then that one is truly lost. People came first, then government. Governments exist to protect rights, not attempt to convert what can only be privileges into rights. Rights aren’t things given to you or taken from another, they are intrinsic to the individual. Government supremacists do not understand that.

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