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Source: American Fact Finder: census.gov

Source: American Fact Finder: census.gov


Monroe County’s population is stagnant. That’s according to U.S. Census figures out today.

  • 2010: 744,647
  • 2011: 747,225
  • 2012: 748,582
  • 2013: 750,071
  • 2014: 749,857

Monroe County posted a negligible loss in 2014, but it’s still reason for concern. It shows we’re not growing.

City of Rochester Communications Burear

City of Rochester Communications Burear

When you look at the number of people who moved out last year, it’s amazing we managed to stay relatively flat. In 2014, 8,347 babies were born in Monroe County. A total of 6,435 people died. That means we had natural increase in population. Then, if you add the 2,642 net number of people who moved to Rochester from other countries and Puerto Rico, we’re really ahead of the game. But we experienced a net loss of 4,526 people who moved out of the county…in one year.  That’s .6 percent of people – about 3 in 500 people – who live in Monroe County who said adios. 

Going back to 2010, we’ve lost a net of more than 13,000 people to other communities. That’s the equivalent of almost everyone in the Town of Sweden packing up and saying goodbye.

Once again, we can thank babies and immigrants for mitigating population loss.

The Rochester metro had 1,083,393 in 2014, an insignificant decrease from the year before.


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Henrietta…Wants to be Walkable?


6 Responses to Movin’ On Out

  1. March 26, 2015 at 9:47 am Adrian Martin responds:

    I thought people move to Henrietta because they DON’T want to walk anywhere?

  2. March 26, 2015 at 3:13 pm mike masiello responds:

    I’m sure this trend will continue as more people leave the peoples republic of what used to be a Great state due to the obnoxious levels of taxation and regulation and corruption of the politicians. They always talk of transparency and end up hiding everything. Perhaps when the last person leaves they could turn out the lights!!

  3. The numbers really shows the disconnect between upstate and downstate. While Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse etc are struggling to stay even or loosing people, downstate is growing. That’s why the downstaters in Albany don’t see the harm over taxing and over regulating is causing to the state.

    I love this area, but with the current tax climate I can see why no businesses want to come here, and that leaves us with a horrendous job market leading to people to leave. I wish we could fix it.

  4. OK, I see our population is steady, is that a BAD thing? I don’t see the total number as being the important factor. The factor that should be being looked at is how many are CONTRIBUTING to the community. If professionals and working families are leaving, and immigrants ( those dependent on government services ) are entering. than that is NOT good. Which is it?

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  6. Behemoths like this “lifestyle center” don’t help matters

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