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healthcare workers


A new report from the Brookings Institution takes a detailed look at the education, sex, race and income of healthcare workers in cities across the country. These workers include nurses, home health aides, licensed practical nurses, paramedics, dental assistants, lab technicians and more.

The report found:

– More than half of all healthcare workers in Rochester – 52.5 percent – don’t have bachelor’s degrees. Of 100 metro areas, two-thirds have a more educated healthcare workforce than Rochester.

– There are 26,473 workers employed in the 10 largest healthcare occupations who don’t have four-year degrees. Eighty-seven percent of them are women.

– This group is also more diverse. One-third are members of a racial minority, compared to one-fifth of all workers.

Health care is an important part of the Rochester economy. But a lot of the growth for those without four-year degrees has been in low-wage jobs.

– The biggest growth in jobs for those without four-year degrees was personal care aides, whose ranks more than doubled since 2000. They earn a median salary of $23,600.

– Median earnings for healthcare workers without four-year-degrees in the 10 largest occupations fell an average of 6 percent since 2000, when adjusted for inflation.

– Emergency medical technicians and paramedics without bachelor’s degrees saw the biggest drop in pay – twenty percent – since 2000. Their ranks nearly doubled, however, during this time.

Healthcare jobs– Nine percent of healthcare workers without a four-year degree live in poverty. Another 18 percent don’t earn more than twice the poverty level, about $45,000 for a family of four.

– The best-paying healthcare job for those without bachelor’s degrees is registered nurse. The median income for these nurses is $52,000.

Forty-three percent of registered nurses don’t have bachelor’s degrees.

The Brookings report says these workers are a vital part of the health care system. It suggests they be paid well and trained well. It also suggests health care systems study expanded roles for them that have more responsibility.

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– Given the explosive New York Times report on Cuomo’s interference with the Moreland Commission, is there now a race for governor?

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Did Cuomo and company break any laws?

– The New York Times story didn’t answer that question.

– “…permanently banish the idea that Cuomo will ever put any skin in the game when he talks about reform.”

– Any time you can slip a “Spaceballs” reference into a story about Cuomo…


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– The debt isn’t even paid off on the $41 million 1998 Blue Cross Arena renovation, yet the city is thinking of a $38.5 million facelift. What’s more, the Riverside Convention Center wants a $100 million upgrade that would dramatically expand its size!

– Did The CBS Late Show really need taxpayer dollars to stay in New York?

Zillow reportedly wants to buy Trulia.

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